What are all the steps in becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer?

Let’s learn what are all the steps in becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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What are the steps to becoming a Medical Sonographer?

I am 16, and still in high school. I've always been interested in being a sonographer. And recently I've been looking up things about the job, etc. But I just, don't ...show more


Most diagnostic medical sonographers have an associate (two-year) degree. Please be aware that those...

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Steps to becoming a pharmacist?

Ok, please DO NOT give me a website that gives steps to becoming a pharmacist (like ehow, for example). I find those to be too broad and confusing. I'm also going to ask my guidance counselor at school about becoming a pharmacist, but right now, we're...


1. List of pharmacy schools in the US. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_pha… Undergrad and...

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I am thinking about becoming an Echocardiographer (Cardiac Sonographer)?

I was wondering what the job is really like? I may want to get bachelors in this field to be a bit more competitive. I chose this one because I hear it's on of the fastest growing jobs and I do like helping people. I was majoring in Dietetics/Nutrition...


I am a registered sonographer (I do everything, but LOVE cardiac and vascular). There are programs that...

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What are the steps to becoming a singer?

im working on it. my uncle and family has told me that i sing really good..and that i should keep focusing on singing. i just dont know where to start.. so can someone please help me out.. what are the steps to becoming a successful singer? Even successful...


First you need vocal training before anything. Lessons, and practice. If you want to get recognized...

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What are the steps to becoming a psychiatrist?

I plan to study to become a psychotherapist by earning a B.A. and then a Masters. However, I've often wondered if the steps to becoming a psychiatrist, which requires a medical degree, will take a long as I think it will. How many years does it typically...


4 years college 4 years med school 4(ish) years residency

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How does one go about a complete mental transformation? What technical steps & resources would one need to undergo in order to change the way their mind operates into becoming a smart, focused individual?

I want to change things. I've read way too many Self-improvement books, yet the technical steps to "rewire my brain" are ever elusive Soft spoken, incredibly nice, non-confident, inconsistent, impatient, spotty memory and self-defeating are...


You can have control on your mind by thinking of counter things. Like for eg. You like video games a...

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What are the steps to becoming a doctor/surgeon?

This probably sounds very general, but I am very interested in becoming a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. What are the steps (like what do I do when I am a senior to achieving this goal...) to becoming a doctor/surgeon in general? Also, would you recommend me...


Becoming a surgeon isn't the easiest of tasks; they won't let just anybody cut into people. Make sure...

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Question about becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer?

I'm looking into becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.I got some info today froma school close to where i live, they told me it would be a total of 48000 for 25 months of ...show more


DO NOT pay that much. That's outrageous. Find another program: http://caahep.org/Find-An-Accredited...

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Steps to becoming a force reconnaissance officer?

I heard the enlisted route to becoming a force recon marine is: Enlist in to Marine Corps as a 0321 Reconnaissance Man. Complete Basic Airborne Course to become an 8652 Reconnaissance Man, Parachute Qualified Complete Combatant Diver Course to become...


Force recon doesn't exist no more.

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Steps to becoming a nurse that delivers babies.?

I am thinking of becoming a nurse and i would like to work in the hospital with birth deliveries. what are the nurses who deliver babies called? Do you know the steps to becoming this kind of nurse? what are the differences between the following types...


A nurse who actually delivers babies is a Certified Nurse Midwife, and that's a graduate (Master's)...

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