What Is The Geometric Meaning Of Third Derivative Of A Function At A Point?

Let’s learn what Is The Geometric Meaning Of Third Derivative Of A Function At A Point. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Mathematics.

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What is the meaning of the third derivative of a function at a point

What is the geometric, physical or other meaning of the third derivative of a function at a point? (Originally asked on MO by AJAY) If you have interesting things to say about the meaning of the first, and second derivatives, please do.


I've found the time, so I deleted one of my original comments in the OP and decided to expand it into...

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What is the point in living?

I'm not trying to sound all depressing or morbid here, but realistically, what is the point of living? Everyone in your whole life will die. You will die. Every single day of your life you must wake up knowing not only that it could be your last, but...


It's honestly whatever you want it to be. It should about reaching your goals to make the most in your...

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Help finding critical point of a function of two variables?

I need to find the critical points of this function: f(x,y)=(12x-x^2)(10y-y^2). There are five points and I've found four but I'm not sure how to find the last one. The ones I have are (0,0), (0,10), (6,5), and (12,0). I also need help figuring out if...


f(x,y)=(12x-x^2)(10y-y^2) The critical points of a continuous function are the points where all partial...

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Third-person objective differs from third-person omniscient in that the narrator is emotionally distanced...

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Any number can be represented as a binary value, although this system of notation is unwieldy and inefficient...

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Why do people use words that they do not know the meaning of?

"Love" is a dangerously abused term in the modern era. I find myself mocking the idea of successful human relationships when I gaze upon the limitless pool of failed or abusive ones. To elaborate on the words, "abusive relationships"...


yes we hear parents beating the child in the name of love so that the child can be disciplined and be...

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How do I politely tell well meaning friends and family to "call" before dropping by unannounced?

I have come right out and said it already... I have 2 children and am pregnant with my third and last child. I homeschool my children also. People want to just stop by without calling and if I ignore my phone,you'd think they'd get the point...but they...


Maybe leave a note hanging on your front door....... DO NOT DISTURB---Homeschooling in Progress ALL...

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What is the actual meaning of "moment" in a moment generating function?

please establish the distinction between the moments as in physics (dipole moment, moment of inertia, nth moment of area) and in statistcs (raw moment, central moment, nth moment about some point A)


The distinction is that one is in physics and the other is in probability theory. For any sort of distribution...

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Hinduism...What is the esoteric meaning of Shiva opening his third eye and burning down Kamadeva?

What does the 3rd eye opening mean in this context from the Yoga point of view?


"Do not Disturb". :D

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From a Biological point of view, what is the main function of glucose?

Just a quick Bio question that I'm finding hard to write on paper; if you get my meaning. =P


it is the prime source of energy to cell

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