What are Philadelphia's "colors?

Let’s learn what are Philadelphia's "colors. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Ask.com old.

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They were/are light blue, red and white.

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What's the best paint from these? Tempura colors, Gauche colors or Acrylic colors for canvas?

I'm starting my interior Designing degree and they have asked for a set of materials. " A selection of Acrylic paint colors: They are usually available by: Ready-mix tempura colors Gauche colors Acrylic colors for canvas " I have to buy a variety...


If you are going to paint on a canvas substrate (any type of material that you use to paint or draw...

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Help Me Please!! What colors do you think are good for a Winter wedding?

My fiancee and I will be getting married Winter of next year. I am struggling to find sme colors that are just right for the both of us and my bridesmaides. He like colors like red, dark blue, and black(dark colors), me on the other hand like bright...


Well,since he doesn't seem that interested I'd pick a bright color for the bridesmaids dresses for what...

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What colors did you use for your wedding?

A comment another user made about everyone using the same colors for their wedding made me wonder. What colors did you use/are you going to use for your wedding? What made you choose those colors? If you could change, would you and what would you choose...


My colors: A deep purple, redorange, chocolate brown, touches of white. I chose them because it was...

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What colors looks good with certain hair colors?

What colors look good with brunette hair? What colors look good with sandy blonde hair? What colors look good with blonde hair? What colors look good with red hair? Give me your opinions please! :)


Carole Jackson's books are about which clothing colours complement your whole complexion - skin, hair...

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What colors do you have in your bedroom?

im in need of redecorating my whole room including paint and new bedding BUT i have no clue what colors to choose i want to choose 2-3 colors..........so i need help deciding so i need your help.....what colors do you have in your room? please if you...


My walls are white, bedding is polka dots, rug is pale pink, curtains are bright pink, memo board is...

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How do i know what make up colors are the best for my skin color?

hi, i have dark skin, kind of tan color, and i do not know a thing about make up,i use blue or green eye liner because i like those colors, but are those the colors that best suits my skin tone?what colors should i work with? and what is a foundation...



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What should my wedding colors be?

I had my wedding colors picked out, and i did some planning already. But its not a big deal to change everything if i change my colors. My wedding colors WERE:: Tiffany blue, pink, and silver as a hint/pop color. But my fiance has been hinting at me...


http://bp1.blogger.com/_PhB0Qc_aF0Q/R5WM3dY9UPI/AAAAAAAAACY/rnqdcrd2uO4/s1600-h/hiddengarden.jpg This...

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What are some good colors for this team?

We have these choices: Sharks: Colors, Teal and Black Knights: Colors, Gold, Silver and Black Lightning: Colors, Gold, Teal, Black What is your favorite team name and favorite color combination? If you like a team name but not the colors let me know...



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What colors look good on pale skin?

Well, I'm really pale. Like my friends say I sometimes look like a ghost o___o And that I should get a tan real soon. Thing is, I don't think my mom would let me go to a tanning salon or anything like that. Besides, I like the way I am so no need to...


First of, you are so freaking lucky. -.- Im really tan and i haatee it, i mean being tan is in no way...

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