What are some good skateboard setups?

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Are these good setups for a custom skateboard?

Mystery Mosaic Deck Trucks: Krux Downlows Silver 50 SLV Wheels: Baker Stacked Logo Black Wheels 51 MM Bearings: Bones Swiss Bearings Hardware: Shorty's Silverado's 1" Allen Hardware Griptape: Jessup Griptape Risers: Zero Blood Skull Riser Pads Assorted...


I could come up with 10 different opinions on each of the things you are asking about. People like different...

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Which skateboard setups are the best?

for street skating, and you can swithc the things if you like too 1 deck: plan b p-rod authentic 8.0 trucks: silver a-class wheels: ricta all star chrome 50mm bearings: bones swiss or bones swiss ceramic labyrinth hardware: diamond griptape: grizzly...


I would do this Deck: Flip Geoff Rowley 8.0" P2 Tech Truck: Tensor Magnesium Wheels: Bones spf...

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Your Skateboard setups and how do they feel?

getting a new setup and want trustable, quality stuff?


baker deck,ricta wheels,venture trucks,jessup griptape,lucky's hardware,and thats it.it feels great

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Which skateboard should i choose?

http://www.routeone.co.uk/Store/Skateboard+Action+Sports/Type-is-Complete+SetUps/Price-is-50-to-79,99/product-is-57564 this is out of stock so i will most likely not choose it. http://www.skateboardsofchoice.co.uk/skateboards/skateboard-completes/renner...


All those are pretty good but i think that almost or element are perfect for beginners and theyre sort...

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Skateboard for a 2 Year Old?

Ok so. My son will be 2 next month :) about a week ago we were watching a show on tv, and they had a segment about skateboarding. So ever since then every time any kind of skateboard/skateboarder comes on tv he nearly leaps out of his seat and yells...


Yes it's a good idea but you need the proper safety gears. Being involve in sports helps your kid physically...

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I'm looking at buying a new skateboard, is a Skateboard store's own made deck good?

Hi there, any help is really appreciated!! I was looking at getting a new skateboard (since my old one broke). There is a specific skateboard store which sells it's OWN brand of skateboard deck (made for that store especially). I'm wondering, is a skateboard...


That's rather expensive considering it's a generic shop complete. You can get higher quality components...

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How can I Skateboard?

I'am 15 and want to skateboard. All my friends skateboard and I'am kinda the odd one out. I want to know the basics of how to skateboard and also what board should I get as my first skateboard. Also if you could, tell me how you learnt to skateboard...


first, you want to get a good board. Girl,Plan B,Alien Workshop, Toy Machine are some of the well known...

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How can i make it so that i can cruise around on my skateboard like as if it was a longboard?

I'm about to go to USC in the fall and i've already taken my skateboard there so i know how annoying the campus is to go around on a skateboard because of the bricks in the ground and cracks in the road. I also rode a friend's longboard and it felt so...


I'm pretty sure ucan just put longboard wheels on but small ones and u may need little plastic spacers...

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I'm I too old to start to learn skateboard?

i'm 20 now, and i wanna learn skateboard, but i saw all the ppl playing skateboard r like 16 or something, i have a little worry about ppl laugh when i practice basic skateboard skill. or when i fall down from the skateboard. ============== is skateboard...


your not too old. i am 14 ive been skateboarding for about 4 years and its so fun. when you practice...

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Better skateboard setup?

Setup 1: Zero - Asylum Red Deck 7.8" Venture - Williams Pro Trucks Low Bones - 100's Standard Wheels Black 52mm Bones Reds Percision Skate Skateboard Bearings Set Jessup - Griptape Sheet - Black Setup 2: Mini Logo Skateboard Deck 125 7.875 Ki11...


Zero all the way better choice then mini logo set up zero. Hope that helps. 2 year skater

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