What are some good songs while skating?

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You mean for during public skate? I know that one nearby rink that's all hockey and public skate (yuck...

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What are some good songs (with lyrics) for figure skating?

i'm doing my senior solo for our home performance and literally cannot find any good songs. i'm thinking about either mixing a couple songs together or (if the song wows me enough) skate to one song. i would prefer slower songs and pop songs. thanks!


Reaching for heaven - Diana Degarmo (from the movie Ice Princess) Let the rain fall down - Hilary Duff...

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What are some good songs for an ice skating competition?

i am entering an ice skating competition am i want a song that is exciting and will wake every one up from all the boring slow songs can any one help me out


Pick your favorite movie or play and listen to the soundtrack and see if there is anything you would...

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What are some good songs for a skating video?

I am going to make a video with street surfing in it, what are a few good songs?


Put some slow paced rap on it it gives the video a beat and rhythm

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What are upbeat, good, and clean songs a 10 year old could use for her ice skating recital?

No hannah Montana or that disney crap. songs are good is they have a beat to them. thanks!


"hit me up" by gia ferrel it was in the movie Happy Feet or "girls just wanna have fun...

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What are some good up-beat songs for an ice skating routine! please help!?

I need music fast! I need a good song not hard metal or that stuff but not slow and boring! it needs to be quite fast and preferably have character to it. Like a pop song but ...show more


Modern pop songs are a bad idea. They have no tune, too much repetition of musical phrases, and autotuned...

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What songs are the 2010 Olympics Figure Skating routines to?

I always love watching the figure skating during the Olympics; the songs they skate to are the best! However, the announcers rarely tell what the songs actually are- I could pick out a few so far this season, but not most... anyone know where I could...


This site lists the music of the skater currently skating: http://www.nbcolympics.com/figure-skatin...

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What are some NEW songs, and classic songs I can put on a mix for the local skating rink?

We Rember the skating rink on the weekends right? Well now my kids are going and our local rink needs some NEW and Classic tunes for the kids to skate to open to all suggestions but the songs HAVE to be PG! Thanks!


Could I get some money for this? If so, inbox me... If not, NO ONE SEES THE WIZARD !

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Does any one know any good skating songs?

im more looking along the lines of a good pool skating song


OPM- Heaven is a Halfpipe

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Any good figure skating songs out there?

My friend and I do partner skating (not pairs-it's girl and girl) and we need some good song ideas for programs. The requirements are that it has to be from a movie-something everyone would know (like the Indiana Jones theme). Can't wait to here your...


peter pan movie phantom of the opera forrest gump (a classic) the night before christmas

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