What are some really cool jobs with low requirements?

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U.S. Supreme Court Justices are nominated by the President of the United States and confirmed with the...

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What jobs have height requirements?

what are alternative (related) jobs without height requirements?


It is illegal to require a person to be a certain height in order to work at any job

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What are the requirements for Computer (Technical) Phone Support jobs IN INDIA?

I am convinced that there is not a lot of computer experience necessary for these jobs. Nor is there a requirement for a command of the English language. What ARE the requirements for those people who I talk to when I need to reach Technical Phone Support...


Many jobs in computer related field are listed on this website which can fit your requirement in India...

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How to get in to immigration jobs and what are the eligibility requirements?

I live in UK and I'm a social worker by profession but I'm so much interested in immigration jobs, I would appreciate if any one could guide me in how to get in to immigration jobs n should I need to do any certification courses for that and if it is...


You'll have to check with UK Border Agency for specific requirements for each type of position they...

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What are the basic requirements for online jobs?

Are online jobs reliable as an alternate to offline works?


Online jobs can prove to be reiliable, but watch out since online is a good "playground" for...

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What are the most creative and fun jobs to do in India? What are the requirements?

I am a 21 year old engineering graduate from India. I have been working for almost a year in a company where my pay sucks,people i work with/under are dull and boring, and the job is boring but the work culture is fantastic. My Profile kind of sucks...


Try advertising ,Plethora of options if you have creativity and flair.

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What’s the deal with experience / Requirements? In relation to admin jobs.?

Alright, nobody’s willing to give me a junior admin job. Their number one reason being that I don’t have experience. From what I’ve seen, it’s fairly rudimentary .I also feel it would take only a day or two to fall into its routine...


Though I enjoyed reading your question (even laughed out loud a little!) I must say, perhaps your attitude...

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Recruitment to Government jobs are always through service commission examinations ! Government jobs...

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Army Research Laboratory jobs, age, weight requirements?

Does anyone know if the age and weight requirements are the same for the army Research Lab as they are for Army Reserves like the Army Medical Corp.? I can not find a link that describes the requirements for positions in the Army Research Laboratory...


Usually you apply through USAjobs.gov when there are openings posted. Generally you are a civilian contractor...

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What are the requirements for volunteering in a hospital? And what are some typical jobs of a volunteer?

Hi! I'm really interested in volunteering at my local hospital this summer to get an idea about how it might be like working there. I thought it would be a great way to learn, (I'd like to become a nurse when I'm older) and also a great way to get my...


There is no federal standard on what you need to volunteer at a hospital. You need to contact your local...

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