What are some really cool things about Yahoo accounts?

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So you can't use a yahoo account to send things to gmail accounts?

What if they send you a failure notice saying that they were unable to deliver your message to the address? Like they send you that message right after you sent the message to the ...show more


You must have mis-typed the address, or perhaps you were given the wrong address. I do it all the time...

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A Separate Yahoo Answers Group for Persons about 25 up? Here are some of the answers that I received when I---

asked the question. Surprisingly most people supported the idea, which is unusual in a forum with so much negativity. Each paragraph begins a separate answer from a separate person: Are you kidding, these kids not only lie about their age they have two...


Loved reading this, thanks. And I agree. I've been on for only 3 months. I use it now to address some...

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What is going to happen to me if i got reported by the yahoo answers staff who answered my question ?

In just about an hour ago I asked a question about sex and I got reported by someone who has the account named yahoo answers staff which i believe it is not yahoo answers. I mean i think the answers staff has other better things to do than answering...


I get reported all the time...I don't think it was really the staff you got so many fakes on here. Presdent...

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Why is my yahoo answers account messing up more info inside?

Almost every page i load it shows that i haven't join yahoo answers and when i go to my activity's it shows like i was another user viewing my profile.I'll still be signed in when this happens but it's just yahoo answers that's messing up.This happened...


You are not alone. Everything you describe has been happening today. Yahoo is working on the site and...

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Problems with rude people on Yahoo Answers.?

I am 32. Female. I am a bodybuilder recovering from my last knee surgery. I don't go to the gym, because I am embarrassed I lost so much size, and I don't want them to see me. I work out and do physical therapy by myself at home. I was freakishly big...


my friend you have worked hard,to get wear you are,so Don't let immature morons get to you,that is what...

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I want to delete my yahoo! account?

Alright so I want to delete my account to Yahoo because I get too any spam for things you would find in the pharmacy and those rolex replica watches. I try to block them but I think what they do is create more and more false yahoo accounts spam me and...


Here is how to delete your Yahoo! account. Click this link and it will show you how: http://help.yahoo...

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Yahoo account problem please help?

ok so i forgot my password to my secondary yahoo so i clicked on forgot password i put in my secret questions and my Alternate email address then it told me to put in a new password so i did but when i press Ok this poped up Invalid ID or password. Please...


Send a mail describing your problem to account-security-help@cc.yahoo-inc.com. Or call Yahoo: 1-408...

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HELP! Can't log onto yahoo!!?

I have 2 yahoo accounts because I hardly ever use this one because it has a stupid e-mail address (and I use the e-mail for other things). I can't access the one I usually use. I have only received 4 violations on that account, and they were very spread...


many people are having the same problem today. don't worry about it, just wait a while before trying...

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Need my password for J_clytn@yahoo.co. Need help more than the usual way.?

I need my password for J_clytn@yahoo.com. I tried to retrieve the password the correct way. None of the info I provided seemed to work. This is really my account. What can I do to get the info. I have 2 accounts and the other is janalicia72@yahoo.com...


visit the Sign-in Problems page https://edit.yahoo.com/config/eval_forgo… supply some basic verification...

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Yahoo ID Question?

Just a poll I guess but if you were choosing between Yahoo ID's would you choose one that sounds cool or one that has sentimental value? I have lazer1978 and vadarkwolf I want to narrow my accounts down to one and don't know which I want to keep I know...


keep both.... I have 4 accounts and I use them all I'm very happy with them

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