What are some really "bad" things to do as a teenager (13?

Let’s learn what are some really "bad" things to do as a teenager (13. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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What is the best way to talk to a teenager age 13 about different things that go on with 13 year olds (boy)?

I' m not his mother I am his aunt. I have no children of my own but I'm trying my very best to raise him. he sometimes gets mad for no reason and lashes out at me. then ...show more


Well...sounds like he's holding all his emotions inside i think u need to just talk with him, tell him...

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Birthday party ideas for teenager (13-14) ? themes/things to do! please help?

around 12 teenage girls at my house, thought about murder mystery? any ideas or links, came up with monsters/cartoon characters/ things beggining with (letter) as themes? and like ...show more



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Parents, do you remember what its like to be a teenager?

Do you remember what its like to be a teen? Like all the things you did and your friends and everything you thought your parents were so mean for saying? Like for example, just the other day my son (13) was begging me to go to this concert with his friends...


yes, i remember; i have a bad memory generally but a good memory for things i hated. but i'll make the...

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I hate being 13 years old so much?

I'm a 13 year old boy. First off, my life isn't bad, it could be much worse, I just hate the age I am currently at. Reason one: No one takes you seriously, adults just think "Oh their 13 they're young and they don't have anything good to say"...


First, you are amazingly articulate for a 13-year-old. You write extremely well, and I'd predict a bright...

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Fun things to do with my mom?

I'm 13 and my mom wants to do some fun things with me this week because we're both off but I really hate spending time with her (I know, typical teenager). So what are some unexpensive things we can do together that would make her happy?


You both can watch a movie together like the movie Tangled. She might enjoy that. You can also bake...

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I am 13 Years Old. Some good paying jobs?

I am 13 years old. I like things a normal teenager do, Ipods, Phone, and i really need some new clothees, ect. So..tell me.. what are some good paying jobs?


One - The best you can expect as a teenager is minimum wage Two - You have to be 14 - 15 to get a work...

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Why would a teenager want to become pregnant?

I have this sister who is 13 years old. She wants to have sex with this guy at her high school. She talks about it everyday, I can't understand why she wants to do these things. She said she wants to drop out and marry this guy and have a family! She...


find a baby you can borrow for a week and be like here you go problem solved just make sure it dosent...

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Is a facial bad for a teenager?

Why did I ask? Before I had a facial with a registered dermatologist, I only had problems with whiteheads on my nose. After my facial she prescribed me with expensive washes, astringents etc. When I ran out of those things I had acne, severe ones. THEY...


A 12 year old does not need a facial. But your skin is certainly repairable. Don't be discouraged. The...

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Am i a 13 yr old prisioner?

i am a 13 yr old girl. i got bullied out of school because girls would call me names like hoe e.c.t my mum has taken me out and i have been at home for a year now. i dont have any friends anymore and my mum and dad have taken my mobile tv and internet...


Hi friend you need to talk to expert Call Child line on 08001111 it's a UK number so if not in the uk...

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How do I make my room look more like a teenager's room?

I'm 13 and my bedroom is boring...using the basic things I have at home, how can I make it look like it fits for a teenager? Also, My house is rented so I can't write on walls or anything like that.


A few posters (not too many), say, your favourite bands, favourite film, and something that fits your...

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