What can a teenager do in London? Where to meet people?

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Things to do/how to meet people in London during July for a teenager?

I'm 16, I'll be living in London for a month in July and will have the whole day to myself essentially as my mom will be working. What are some events happening, interesting places to visit, tours to take, especially for a teen touring alone? Also, places to meet people?


I would look for events taking place that are of interest to you, don't let that person scare you about...

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As a Teenage Girl Living in London how can I socialise and meet interesting people?

Hi,well now I have finished school and I'm really bored staying at home, I'm at home Mon-Fri 24 hours a day doing nothing, Is there any way I could go out and socialise with people and meet new people Im 16 years of age and have just finished my exams...


When my GCSE exams finished, I just went out with my friends most of time. Thats how we socialised....

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I want to meet people from london, ontario... anyone knows a free chat room or something ?

hi i will be in london ontario canada in august and will study for a semester there at UWO... i want to meet some people (especially girls between 18 and 22) so they can talk to me about the city, the university, etc ect... does anyone know a free online...


Well, I'm actually moving there in a month, and all my friends live there. It's a nice city, I guess...

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Are there places or schools in London in the summer where I can meet English people?

I'm planning to go to London this summer for about three weeks and I was wondering if there are places, hangouts or, even better, schools I can join. I usually go for English courses in the UK, hoping to meet English people, instead they are also always...


Oooohh, just the odd few thousand. London has around 250 nationalities amongst it's millions of people...

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Coming to london for a few months: How can i meet people from london?

hi, i'm a french student and i would like to come to london for a few month (february-april) and find a job if i can. Do you know where [on the internet] i can find people from ...show more


i'm not sure you can try put a add in the paper. i hope you like London and a word of advice their alot...

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Where do german people meet in london?

hi do you know where the german people meet in london? Are there any places like clubs or bars where they meet? thanks


I don't know but how about: http://www.bavarian-beerhouse.co.uk/

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Where can i meet people who love kizomba, zouk and are from french antilles or angola in london?

I have just moved to london and i'm from guadeloupe and martinique. i really miss home and would love to interact with people who are from the same culture as i am or who are also into zouk and kizomba music. where would i have to go in london to find...


Hi, I used to take kizomba classes with an instructor in East London. They have now moved to central...

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How to meet people in London?

I recently moved to London. Well, a year ago and I'm going to stay for another year or more, not sure yet. I'm doing sixth form in college and in my age we're only 9 students. I haven't met a lot of people, my classmates aren't outgoing so I get bored...


Hello yara, One of the best ways of meeting London people would be to visit one of Her Majesty's Prisons...

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Where is a good place for two people from outside London to meet up in London?

One person would be arriving at Euston station, the other person would be arriving at King's Cross. Neither person knows London very well, but we don't mind using the tube if we have to. We're looking for a well known and easily identifiable landmark...


If you want to meet up almost immediately and then travel on together, you could meet at the British...

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How to meet people while away (in London)?

I'm going off to London over spring break and I would love to take it as an opportunity to meet people, guys too of course. Thing is, im going with just my mother (big family vacation wouldve been too much money) so I'm sure she will be with me every...


At 15 there's really not much you can do, and of course your mom will be with you at all time because...

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