What cool things can I do on my pocket pc?

Let’s learn what cool things can I do on my pocket pc. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by mobileread.com.

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Things you can do on Pocket PC: Wonderful "all-in-one ...

Ever have a friend ask what you can do on a Pocket PC? Maybe they just got one and wonder what to do with it. Aximsite has this great article, ...


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Just got a pocket pc, what are some cool things i can do with it?

Hello All, just picked up a hx4700. Was curious what can i do, i wanted to watch movies on it but i heard i need some 3rd party program? where can i get those? and what else can i do that is fun on it :)


pocket divx to watch movies pocketnes for a nintendo emulator romnation.net for games for the emulator...

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What kind of things can you use a pocket PC for?

My dad got me one, an HP iPAQ, a few years ago for Christmas...I thought it was really cool at first but I just haven't really found anything it's really useful for. I have a laptop that I use often, and yeah it's bigger, but you can do everything with...


man! dont you know you can many things on your pocket pc. trust me! try to find applications or emulators...

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I can talk to you and you are not here. That's what.

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Can you help me decide between (used) PDA's, Smartphones, Pocket PCs and the year 2008?

Can you help me decide between PDA's, Smartphones, Pocket PCs and the year 2008? I am looking most specifically for info on the Sony Clie PEG NX70V ... IPAQ 4350 ... and IPAQ 2215. But advice on any of this would be immensely helpful! I did search AskMeFi...


1) don't think so, not with the basic software anyway - palm os doesn't really do drag-and-drop. You...

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Where can I find a truley free DVD ripper for pocket pc?

I have a HTC pocket pc, I watch movies on my phone that I have ripped with "pocket DVD" program but i lost it when i had to re-format my laptop...where can i find a 100% free program like pocket dvd so I can rip some new movies from DVD. Lime...


I think used E.M. Free DVD Copy, It let me rip DVD to so easy, the video quality is excellent, and it...

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Questions about pocket PCS...?

I am interested in the Palm Z22, I haven't really shopped around though, but from what I can tell it is a very nice one. Here are my questions, pertaining to palms/pocket PCs in general, not just this one: 1. can they turn off or are they on at all times...


to answer your questions. i only have a pocket pc so i can answer the palm stuff. 1. they have a power...

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Pocket PC 2002 - Hearts, Taipai, Financial Calculator, New Amer.Standard Bible?

Years ago - I had a CE based hand held. I bought Microsoft Companion to Windows CE which had a great Hearts game and Taipai. The Hearts games I have purchased are awful and so are the versions of Taipai. Is there a newer version of the Microsoft Companion...


schmooz... The latest gamepack with Hearts and Taipei is the Microsoft Entertainment PocketPak, released...

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Is it possible to get flash player for the pocket pc?

i want to use certain aplications and use certain sites but my pocket pc does not have flash player. can i get it or something that will do the same things?


Yes its possible. The only flash player you can get that is completely safe is Adobe Flash Player for...

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Pocket Pc Question. Help Needed.....?

I have an htc pocket pc running on windows mobile 5 AKU 3. Need some help with a few of things. I have really tried to take care of it myself, but to no avail. I need to remove: 1- "Owner" text from the password screen. 2- "Connectivity...


you have to creat +e a progre_m for *t and the % = $

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