What wire can I use to connect my PC to my TV?

Let’s learn what wire can I use to connect my PC to my TV. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Can i use this wire to Connect my pc to my hdmi tv?

http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/230013759/HDMI_HDTV_to_VGA_3_RCA.html i have VGA on my pc and place for Hdmi and a VGA in my tv is thier a way for it to work its says enjoy ...show more


buy yourself something like this for video http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.as... and something...

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Connect PC to Samsung TV Wirelessly?

I am trying to set up where i can use my tv as my computer monitor. The TV is a Samsung LED 8000 Series. Whenever i change the source of the tv to pc, it says check signal cable. I believe that i have a wire running from the router to the tv for this...


If this happens, restart the device... Good luck!

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How to connect old Hi-Fi speakers to PC?

I have come across some old Goodmans Maxim 2 speakers, from the 80s I believe, however there is little information about them on the internet. They have bare-wire terminals which I managed to fit into my sister's hi-fi easily, and they blew me away compared...


Logitech LS11 speakers have a resistance of 4 ohms. If your Goodman's Maxim have the same resistance...

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How do i connect my pc to my tv, instead of my pc to my monitor?

to watch movies on my tv rather than my little 15" inch computer monitor. I know i jsut need to use a wire to connect my pc to my tele, but i need to know, 1)what the wirre is called 2) if i can get long enough wires as my computer and tele are...


No, you do not just need a wire. First you need a display adapter in your PC that can output component...

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Can use my home PC network to connect to my TV? I want one wireless router to connect to PC's and TV's?

I have 3 PC's and an X-box to hook up and 2 TV's, I'd like to just send hook up the PC's and X box and broadcast the TV signal to the TV's can this be done with one Router? I don't care to see my files on my PC. Will Network bridges just allow me to...


No tv signals don't travel via network without conversion. to watch tv on your pc, you need a tv to...

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How do I connect my PC to my TV without having to use my PC monitor?

The thing is, my monitor won't open. I have already connected my PC to the TV(hdmi) using VGA but the TV says there's no inout signal. I have also turned both the pc and the ...show more


On my big screen there is a seperate selection for "PC" using the VGA input

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What is the best way to connect Cable Tv (through coaxial cable) to my PC so i can USE my PC as a DVR?

Please be specific on which video card brands and software programs you used or reccomend. I've seen some that supposedly allow you to use the digital tv guide on the pc so you could actually program like with the cable companies dvr. PC is running Vista...


What you want to use is a tv tuner card which you can plug into your pci slot on your computer. Go to...

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The speakers are for connection to a amp, not direct to the tv. You will connect the tv to the amp with...

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What kind of wire i need to connect my pc to my tv?

i have dell computer i want my computer screen on my tv and how much does the wire cost and where could i get the wire


First of all, you need to have a video card that will output to your TV. If you don't have this, then...

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Do you get an adapter that you can connect a pc moniter wire to the tv using the yellow,white and red sockets?

an adapter that you can use a moniter wire to a tv socket with red,white yellow sockets


Red and white are audio, the yellow is called composite video. Composite video is not capable of hi...

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