What products can I use if I have facial eczema?

Let’s learn what products can I use if I have facial eczema. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by everydayhealth.com.

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Makeup to Prevent Face Eczema - Eczema Center - Everyday ...

When eczema tends to flare up on your face, ... face eczema can be especially hard to manage ... that are taboo in skin care products when you have eczema.


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What products can I use for eczema on my face?

Even though I use moisturiser I get patches of eczema on my face: around my mouth, on my eyelids and on my forehead. I don't like using the steriod creams you can but cos they lighten my skin. What natural products do you suggest? Thanks


Don't use anything with steriods these will thin your skin You can get aqueous cream from any chemist...

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What is organic or nature products can I use for Eczema?

I have a 3 year old Daughter who has Eczema, we go to the Dr. and he gives us all of these Sterio cremes and ointments and liquid med. I want to use a organic or all nature product ...show more


You can find natural remedies anywhere. Try http://www.skinoriginal.com/eczema/15-tr... for some of...

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Acne and eczema; are there any skincare products I can use for my acne without setting off my eczema?

I haven't got REALLY bad acne, but at the moment it's quite bad. It comes and goes. I was once on antibiotics for it, but it didn't help. I took them for about 8 months ...show more


I used to use apricot scrubs with bits of sand in its brillant for skin. also u can try crushing avocardos...

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Hydrocortisone, Anti-Itch Products, Oral Supplements can help eczema, consult with your dermatologist...

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Aquaphor works GREAT!!! That's what I use. I also try to spray baby oil on my skin in the shower &...

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i have had eczema for like 6 years. and aloe vera gel works good!

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HELP! ECZEMA RASH ON MY CHEEK (IMAGE INCLUDED), has anyone tried using California Baby's product with success?

Ok, this is a bit long but it will only takes about 5 minutes of your time, I really need help on this problem, thank you! :( I recently have this eczema pimple lookalike, pinkish-red kind of itchy rash on my right cheek :( Image: http://img377.imageshack...


Do you happen to use a cell phone or cordless phone? And which ear do you hold it against? I had a similar...

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Has anyone tried using California Baby cream for ECZEMA RASH ON THE FACE?

I have mild eczema on my face, more obvious on my cheeks. The kind that is pinkish-red patchy flat rash. I'd like to know can using moisturizer alone clear off the pinkish-red patchy flat rash? Because I really, really don't want to use hydrocortisone...


i use cetaphil mosturizing cream and it always does the trick

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Toddler eczema/ skin rash?

After my daughter began taking Zantac two times a day for reflux she develop a rash between her legs I first thought it was a rash provocated by the climate ( hot) and by sweat. I waited 3 days and took her to the pediatrician and the dr told me it was...


my mom used to have that.. I don't see it now :) make sure your jar is organic and glass just apply...

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