What monitor can I use with a mac mini?

Let’s learn what monitor can I use with a mac mini. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by eHow old.

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While you cannot directly connect your laptop to a Mac Mini as you can a traditional display, you can...

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Can I use an iPad 2 as the monitor for a Mac Mini?

I took a look at the Mac Mini the other day and found out that it's actually a full blown computer in a little square made by apple. There's also an app called "Air Display" that allows you to use another iDevice as an alternate monitor for...


If it says, then sure

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Can i use a mac mini with a regular monitor and still have apps?

i have a monitor, but i need a new computer and i was wondering if i could use a mac mini and still get apps like garageband and stuff.


Yes you can buy an adapter or use the HDMI port. And the monitor has NOTHING to do with the computer...

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What's a good, cheap widescreen LCD monitor with DVI connection for use with a Mac mini?

So I wanted to know whats a good cheap widescreen monitor that will work with the new Mac mini? How do you like it or why don't you like it? I was wanting something within the $175 price range and at least 19 inches. Thanks to all.


Look around for Acer. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductLis… They offer very good, and relatively...

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Can you use this monitor with the mac mini 320gb?

http://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Displays/Monitors/TFT+24+%2B/Samsung+Lavender+SM-P2450H+24%22+True+HD+Widescreen+LCD+Monitor+-+Glossy+Black+?productId=39456 and if it works do you need to buy something more and what do you need to buy


It will work. You will just need to purchase a Mini-DVI to DVI adapter from Apple.

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You can use any monitor for the mac mini as long as it has either a Thunderbolt, HDMI or DVI port.

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Do i need anything extra if i buy a Mac Mini to use it with a Sharp LCD monitor?

I am looking to purchase a new Mac Mini (lower end) because i just need an entry level computer with little risk of viruses, and the mac mini provides just what i need, since i already have a monitor, keyboard and mouse, i don't need much else but in...


The mac mini come withe the cord if you buy it new. You may what to look on Ebay because you can get...

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I have the Mac mini so my monitor doesn't have a camera, could I get one and use it for video chatting etc..?

I have the Mac mini so my view sonic monitor doesn't have a built-in camera/video or w/e Macs come with. could I buy one and put it on the top of my monitor and still use it for video chatting and i photo or w/e the Macs come with. Links are great!


if you can find a mac driver for the camera you wish to purchase/already have. then i don't see why...

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Could I use any monitor with the new Mac mini 2011?

Does the 2011 mac mini come with iChat and all apples famous programs such as garageband, photobooth, facetime, etc.?


If it has a VGA or DVI output then yes

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Yes. Mac mini is designed to work with both DVI and AGP monitors from any company.

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