What can I use as a screen name?

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Screen Name http://spinxo.com/ http://www.mysticalgateway.com/cool-scre… Nickname generator http...

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I need help what is a good screen name i can use?

i need help thinking of a screen name.



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I want to use yahoo messenger to chat but I don't want my real name to show up on the screen what can I do ?

maybe I could make up a screen that would display instead of my real name if so how do I do that?


REAL NAME SHOWING ISSUE The link below will take you to a site that explains in detail how to prevent...

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What can i use as my screen name?

my name is Rose i want something flirty fun and cute thanx=]


As with my screen name, I have used the state in which I live, and the thing I love collecting. Quite...

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How to use a taken screen name and add something to it so I can use it?

I want the screen name YoursTruly. It's taken, so I wanted to know what to add to it. I want to keep the awesome name, but I can't think of anymore cool ways to change it. Help me!!! Thanks. :) Ex: numbers, letters, etc.


YoourssTruuleyy xXYoursTrulyXx XoYoursTrulyoX ~YoursTruly *YoursTruly* *_~YoursTruly~_* <3YoursTruly...

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What should I use as an AIM screen name?

Hi! I am trying to join AIM. I can't think of a screen name. The one I thought of isn't avaible. I tried KittyKrazy which I like and KittyKrazy05 and 01. So I will tell you what I like and I hope to get a buch of responses so I can try them all so I...


I checked and the number of characters is 3-16! Here are some: -Shop4ever_Fashion -Justsopicperfect...

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Whats a really cute and girly screen name i can use?

my name is mikayla.(7/17/95) any ideas for a cute/girly user name i can use for websites such as skype and stuff like that ? i kinda want it to involve my name or part of my name some how. thanks (:


Username and Password Generator http://www.username-generator.com/index.… http://www.thebitmill...

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What should i use for my screen name???

ok i need a screen name and i dont wanna use my name so here are sum of my hobbies and stuff: soccer candy circus hyper fav #s 275 or 37 what should i use?? itll be a yahoo.



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♥ What Should I Use For My Msn Screen Name ♥?

♥ Hey........I Have No Idea For My Msn Screen Name ? My Name Is Jaade' And I Am Looking For Like A Great Screen Name That Everyone Will Want And Nobody Has ! Please Do Your ...show more



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How can I use a screen name instead of my e-mail address on IM?

I may not want everyone that I chat with to have my e-mail address, so I'd like to just use a screen name or just a first name. I can't figure out how to do this. Any ideas?????????


From what I've done (and learned :P ) recently you must do this: 1) sign in 2) click messenger 3) click...

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