What card can I use with Paypal?

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Can I use a Debit Card for PayPal? Should I? - Banking/Loans

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What is paypal and can I use my gift card to buy stuff offline using paypal?

What is paypal exactly??? I got $100 gift card for christmas and I wanted to buy victoria secret exclusive clothing off of ebay. The girl that is selling it says she excepts paypal. But what is paypal? Can I use my gift card through paypal?


Paypal is only able to accept eBay gift cards. All others are not allowed. Even then you must have a...

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Paypal is charging me for buyer's fraudulent credit card use-What can I do?

Hello. I have a business where I export certain goods through wholesale and in large quantities. A few weeks ago I had a buyer who ordered a large shipment that was well over $1,000 in charge-not including shipping. The buyer paid with his credit card...


Maybe nothing much you can do. But gather ALL of the info you have and file a police report. Sounds...

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What methods can i use for a paypal account if i don't have a credit card?

i wanna kno wat kind of prepaid cards i can buy from the store that i can use for paypal i tried to use a visa gift card but it wouldnt work


Hmm, i don't know about prepaid cards or anything of the like when it comes to paypal, but i always...

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What debit card can be use for paypal?

can i use bpi master card and i want to buy sms wordpress but i need to have a debit card but i dont know if bpi debit master card can be used?


yes , you can

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What if you do not have a credit card, can you still use paypal? trying to sell something to someone?

And how does paypal work anymore? So you'd just make an account and then once it's made, you have the person send you money onto your account? How does that work? And how would you cash it out?


You can open a paypal account and link it to your bank account.From there you can send whatever money...

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If i dont have money in my palpal account can i just use my paypal credit card?

i don't want to link my bank account to paypal to add funds to it. but i have a paypal credit card, and on the paper it came on it said you can use the card any where paypal or master card is accepted. so if im on ebay and i want to buy something and...


You don't say what type of paypal card you have. Did paypal extend you a line of credit. If so, they...

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If I pay with my card linked to my Paypal, can it use funds from Paypal?

Basically, my card is linked to my Paypal, and a website only accepts card payments. I dont have enough cash in my card, but I do in my paypal. However my paypal isnt connected to my bank so I cant transfer money over. If I pay via card, will it take...


Linking your card only gives PayPal permission to draw money from your card. It doesn't give your card...

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Can I use my credit card to pay and withdraw money from paypal?

I want to buy something but it needs to paid for with a credit card only for some reason... I know when you pay with paypal, paypal always pulls the money from your bank account. Well, can it also work in reverse, can i pull money into my bank account...


You can transfer cash from your bank account to Paypal, and withdraw money from your Paypal to your...

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Can you use your debit card with paypal guest?

so i heard that paypal came up with a new form of payment called guest payment. & its where you dont need a paypal account to pay. i know for sure that you can use your credit card with paypal guest, however i am wondering if you can also use your...


If you want to know the age so this will be same as other required minimum 16 to 18 but i am not sure...

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