What are the basic apps that come with the iPod touch 2g?

Let’s learn what are the basic apps that come with the iPod touch 2g. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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What apps does the iPod touch 2g come preset with?

apps like stocks,weather,etc.. i can't remember them all


youtube safari email app store photos music vids itunes calandar contacts stocks maps weather calculator...

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What iPod touch should I get?

I am looking for it to hold like 3 or 4 movies, like 1,500 songs, and like 50 apps. What iPod touch should I get? And should I wait for the iPod touch 3g to come out, or just get the 2g? Also, is the 3g going to have a camera?


Well i own a 16 gig ipod touch that has 1000 songs 2 movies and 45 apps and i only have around 4 gbs...

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How do i recover all my purchased apps from my old ipod touch 2g to my ipod touch 3g?

I previously had an iPod Touch 2g and i ended up selling it to one of my friends, who deleted ALL my apps to add music and movies. I bought about 30 dollars worth of apps on it. and i plan on getting an ipod touch 3g very soon. Is there a way to recover...


Go to itunes on your computer and go into file i think then check for purchases if this doesn't work...

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Can i somehow add the new apps that are released for ipod touch 3g and 4g.. to my ipod touch 2g ..?

all the apps ( good ones ) released these days are just for ipod touch 3g n 4g .. !!! so guys do u have any idea how these can work on my ipod touch 2g... !


Jailbreak. It's the only way.

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How come my dad will not let me get the iPod touch 2G?

My dad said that the iPod touch was an "adult device" and that it is unsafe in that you have the capability of visiting unsafe websites via Wi-Fi + Safari. I told him that iPod touch does not get viruses (despite the possibility) and that most...


same with my parents, my suggestion is be reasonable with him, be mature, show him that it's perfectly...

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Why cant I get anymore apps on ipod touch 2g?

My ipod touch 2g keeps saying "this app is incompatible with this ipod touch". I know it has something to do with the software but how do I get the newest one to get more apps ?


Most apps are 5.0.1 compatible only. Or just 4.3.x and up. The ipod touch 2g got left behind for updates...

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Will i lose my songs and apps if i jailbreak my ipod touch 2g?

I have a ipod touch 2g and i was wonder if i will lose all of my songs and apps. I have also paid for my apps and i want them back. Also how do you jailbreak it i have the 3.1.2 vesion.


Okay, first off I don't know what these other people are talking about. Second, don't worry one bit...

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[10 Points!!!] What are the apps used on the 2G Ipod Touch Guided Tour?

i was watching the guided tour on apple.com for the 2g ipod touch and i really wanna know the apps they showed i know one of them was the monkey one but what are the others?


You should fin them here: http://www.apple.com/ipodtouch/showcase/

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How to download free apps for ipod touch 2G 3.0 (already jailbreak)?

I'm trying to look for where and how to download free apps especially medical apps such as netter flashcards and merriam medical dictionary to put in my ipod touch. thnx


you have to do this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfhMT2Cjp60 the main thing u need is appsync from...

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IPod touch 2g iOS 4.2.1 - App store apps won't load?

I am having problems with my iPod touch 2g iOS 4.2.1. It has been working for a couple of months since I updated it and jailbroke it, but now, I cannot download anything from Installous or even view an app in the app store. I can view everything else...



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