What are the best areas around High Wycombe to live?

Let’s learn what are the best areas around High Wycombe to live. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by local.mumsnet.com.

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High Wycombe - nice area to move to ??? | Mumsnet Discussion

High Wycombe - nice area to ... I bought in the best area for my budget and still live happily in ... the little villages around high wycombe are pretty much perfect ...


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ive been there a few times theres one main road and lots of houses, so if you dont drive, somehwere...

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Im moving to LA, can someone tell me which of these areas are nice areas to live?

on craigslist, they break up LA into the following areas... westside-southbay SF valley central LA san gabriel valley long beach / 562 antelope valley im looking for a place & trying to narrow the search to the nicer areas & looking to pay 2...


SF valley is your best bet. But up in the Suburbs. Every city has it's good places, and its bad ones...

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What are good areas to live in Toronto?

My parents and I live in a small city, and we like to move to Toronto. I've been told that Jane, Finch, Cabbagetown, certain areas of Downtown/ Yonge street aren't good areas. Are there other areas to stay away from? Does anyone know what are good areas...


You should stay away from the areas you've mentioned, also some parts of Scarbrough are not so good...

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Good areas in Fort Lauderdale,FL to live in ? I NEED MAJOR HELP ! 10 points !?

I'm moving with my roommate to Fort Lauderdale end of April. We are looking for an apartment or house to rent, but we have no idea of the areas ! We don't even know the bad areas from the good ones ! Where are good areas to live in ? We will be attending...


Ft. Lauderdale is a commuter city and a 15 minute drive is really going to limit you.....it takes 1...

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Best areas in Brooklyn, NY to live for a 20-something year old?

I am an early, 20-something young professional planning to relocate to Brooklyn in the early part of 2012. I don't live in NY but I do live in a near by city, so I am no stranger to city life. I am currently preparing myself by looking for jobs in my...


i think bensonhurst would be best for you. near the D train, which can take you to the city. close to...

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Inexpensive yet nice areas to live in that are within an hour of West Babylon, NY?

I recently moved to West Babylon, NY on Long Island. I live with my boyfriend in a 1.5 bedroom apartment for $1100/month (which we split in half). I recently moved from Connecticut to live here. My mom still lives up in Connecticut, but she wants to...


An hour by car or by transit? -ajedrez

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What are Eugene Oregon's best areas to live for good air/water quality?

I've been spending hours making phone calls and Googling trying to find information on Superfund/toxic areas/where not to live, and haven't found much other than that the west side accounts for 97% of the industrial sites. I need to know where the Superfund...


List and map of environmental hazard sites (including Superfund) in Oregon: http://www.oregon.gov/DHS...

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The bad areas and the good areas to live in Las Vegas?

What areas in Las Vegas, NV are bad to live in? Please do not give me a dumb answer and tell me not to live in the "bad" areas!! No ****! I'm from California ...show more


Good: NW Las Vegas, Centennial, Aliante, Summerlin and Henderson is really close by and a nice area...

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Is the ANC's social engineering as to where people should and must live the new "Group Areas Act"?

Why is it that according to the ANC, people should not have the freedom of choice to live freely where they can afford to live under principles of economic viability and with neighbours of similiar cultural identity? I am not saying that the different...


I also live in a formerly "white" area (the best in town, lol) and I can also say that this...

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