What are the best comedy or school Japanese dramas?

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Suggestions please? Some good romantic,comedy,school korean dramas? Pleease?

I like romance comedy school korean dramas. I watched : goong the heirs flower boy ramyun shop and many more... Please give me some suggestions.


All the best ones are old skool ones. My favorite is "3 guys 3 girls" and there was one series...

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Any good high school, comedy, romance dramas?

I would rather prefer Korean or Japanese drama. So far i had watched Hana yori dango, hana kimi, wo produce, mei sama. Plus i would like it if you will show description on each drama.


Delightful girl he was cool Princess hours these are pretty good, they're all about highschool and college...

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What are the best japanese school dramas to watch?

I've watched: HYD Hana kimi ( I love these two the most) Tumbling BANDAGE Long love letter ( didnt really like it) Stand Up ( Really good) Gokusen 1 & 2 ( found them quite boring after awhile) LIFE (Loved it) Dear Friend (Loved it) Crow Zero ( al...


well there's not much dramas with these actors in, and most you've already watched. the only one I could...

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Mystery/detective asian dramas?

hi. I just finished watching Detective Conan Japanese drama and I have become ADDICTED to detective dramas since then. So, are there any asian dramas you can suggest that are about mystery and/or detectives??? I've already watched Detective Conan, Q...


You could try Kagi No Kakatta Heya. The drama is about solving crimes that involves a closed room.

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What are some good Japanese, Korean, or Taiwanese dramas?

I like dramas with school life, comedy and romance My favorite 3 are Brown Sugar Machiatto Smiling Pasta Hana Kimi


Hanakimi both japanese and taiwanese version.... My girl korean drama the best ever in all u'll definitely...

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Can anybody suggest some anime and asian dramas for me to watch?

I really like to watch animes that are either drama/action like Death Note and Code Geass or romantic comedy or even some yaois and I enjoy dramas that are romantic comedy or romantic dramas. Can you please add a little description of the shows you are...


Check out Blue Exorcist and Darker than Black

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What Japanese dramas do you recommend?

I am looking for some good Japanese dramas. I prefer serious ones (especially the really sad, bittersweet ones), and I'm not really interested in comedy or dramas about high school life... My favorite dramas so far are: Hoshi no Kinka Pure Tokyo Love...


For some really sad Japanese dramas, you cant go wrong with these two: - Ichi Ritoru no Namida (...

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Jdramas with romance/comedy/high school?

I want to know if there is any JAPANESE dramas with romance, comedy, and high school. I want it to look at least alittle modern. Like not dramas all the way to 2003. I want the main character to be a Girl. And the guys to be cute! These are the dramas...


freaks and geeks

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Any good Japanese Dramas??

Do you guys know any good Japanese Dramas with a school as a background like Gokusen or Hana Kimi Japan?Or the ones with a story of a girl who discuised herself as a guy and went to an all boys school?You know,One with Romance and comedy?Im Really bored...


-First Kiss -Yamada Tarou monogatari -Summer Snow -Nobuta wo produce -Hotari no Hikari ( LOVE) -Hana...

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i hate anime but luckily my sister is obsessed with it and so is my friend 1.something called high school...

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