What are the best islands to visit and why?

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What South Pacific islands should I visit?

I am about to depart from the UK on a round the world tour starting in South East Asia, then India, Australia and New Zealand. Following that, I have around a 1 month slot to visit some islands in the South Pacific before heading to South America. Fiji and the Cook Islands seem the most popular but are either of those the most enjoyable to travel? I am looking for adventure, culture, discovery, weather (I'll be there in September) and beautiful landscapes. What islands should I visit and why?


Definitely go to Fiji.  It's extremely easy to get to.  Fly into Nadi and take a boat to the outer island...

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What Islands are best to visit in Hawaii?

My husband and I are looking to visit Hawaii. I haven't done the extensive research yet but started with the basics, ordered free catalogs for The Islands of Hawaii, Kauai & Oahu. We are most likely going to be having my son with us who is going...


The Big Island is where you want to go. May is a wonderful time to visit. Whale season is from December...

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What are the two best islands to visit in Hawaii?

My fiancee and I are looking to take a honeymoon in Hawaii during the first two weeks of September. We want to visit at least two islands, but we don't know where to begin. We want the full experience of the Hawaiian islands, but also want to maintain...


You're going to Hawaii right around the same time of year as my husband and I when we went on our honeymoon...

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I'm going to Croatia over Easter, what are the best islands to visit?

We're going to be travelling down from Slovenia seeing some of the other cities before arriving into Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. I prefer to get off the beaten track and see the real croatia, does anyone have any advice on where best to visit? Also,...


Well dont miss the beach called "Bol" on Is.Brac, its triangular, and moves with the current...

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What Caribbean islands would be best to visit in June?

I am looking at a vacation towards the 3rd week of June. I know hurricane season will be around then but what islands would be good to visit. I am travelling alone so to keep costs ...show more


Jamaica http://www.sandals.com/main/ochorios/or-... have fun

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What are the best islands to visit in Thailand?

Has anyone heard of Ko Phi Phi, Ko Pha-Ngan, Andaman coast, Hat Khao Lak, Ko Kham etc.? Can anyone please let me know which of these beaches and islands I named are the most beautiful. I can only check out one or two islands at the most. I heard that...


Hi, I've been to all of the above except Ko Kham. Khao Lak was my least favourite in terms of beauty...

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What are the best beaches to visit at the Cayman Islands and Jamaica?

I'm going on a cruise and I'd really like to just chill on a beach for one of the days. So which beach is best on either of the two islands?


Negrils seven miles is the best in Jamaica. It may not be convenient to head there though, depending...

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What are the best islands to visit when choosing a carribean cruise?

I am trying to plan a surprise cruise for my boyfriends birthday. I am looking for specific advice re: best islands to help me choose my itinerary, as well as most recommended cruise ...show more


The British Virgin Islands

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Which are the best Greek Islands to visit and why?

Going for 2 weeks in July and want to see at least 3 islands. I love snorkelling and I'm not that interested in the whole night life vibe


Zakynthos, Zante, is my dream holiday.There is so much to do and lots of things to see. The small unhabitated...

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What are the best tropical islands to visit?

My friends and I would like to take a vacation to a tropical island and i was wondering if anyone had any opinions on which one we might want to visit first and have the best time at ...show more


Bali, Indonesia. Trust me, it's safe...

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