What are the best universities for engineering course?

Let’s learn what are the best universities for engineering course. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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Best mechanical engineering graduate course, and chances of making it to the top universities?

I'm a Mechanical Engineering student from India, currently doing my 3rd year in B. Tech from a private engineering college, and planning to go abroad as soon as I complete my engineering for a M.S. degree. I do know that I've to prepare for the G.R.E...


Congrats for ur grades. Keep it up. But to gt into MIT and I V League colleges, gud grades is not sufficient...

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1. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign 2. University of California Berkeley 3. MIT 4. Stanford...

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What kind of profile is required for getting  into Cornell universities's MS in Engineering management course?

Since its an amalgamation of two fields, what is expected from the candidates: 1 .Are they looking for people already in the business development side or can people, having work experience in core technical jobs, also apply? 2. Is work experience an...


No they are not looking for a experienced ones ...they are looking for newbies only and 90 % of them...

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Apart from its being quite an "interesting" subject, the value and particularly the market...

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Which of all the universities in Canada are the cheapest for an international undergraduate Engineering course?

and what programs can the universities provide to aid with financial concerns?


in a related question u asked, u get to know how to google the websites and there's all the answers...

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usually its 2 years in the Uni, and a third in industry, last year back at Uni. Many students get sponsorship...

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