What are the best universities for studying social science?

Let’s learn what are the best universities for studying social science. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Quora.

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What are the best graduate schools/programs for those who are interested in data mining/data science...

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What are the best universities in the UK for studying English Literature or Political Science?

I'm a sophomore in high school in the US and I'm interested in studying at a university in the UK. I've gotten letters from the University of Cardiff, the University of Portsmouth, and York St. John University. Being unknowledgeable of universities outside...


Hi may be this site can help u http://www.aboutcollegedegree.com

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I am completely unbiased in this despite the fact that I went to University of Michigan for Undergrad...

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There are actually two major divisions of atmospheric science. One is climate science (which tends to...

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What are the good and affordable universities or institutes computer science undergraduate programs for studying abroad in English?

I am from Egypt. I want to study computer science abroad at a good institute or university that can be affordable for undergraduate (bachelor degree) . I finished my high school and I am 18 years old.


California schools have great computer science programs because it is such an up-and-coming area in...

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How do Silicon Valley technology firms view students studying Computer Science at UK universities in comparison to the ones studying in more well known US universities?

Standford, MIT and Harvard are regarded as having some of the best Computer Science graduates. Does Silicon Valley also view Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial and UCL in the same light? If not, why? According to 2011/2012 QS World Rankings, these institutions...


I am not yet a Silicon Valley person but the few friends I have there care more about talent and less...

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Is Science the most important subject to focus on?

Hey, my dad said I should focus on studying science, and I'm in grade six. We haven't discussed what I should do for a living, but he said "Study things like chemistry, biology, and science, because that opens up a lot of opportunities." I...


Actually I think that mathematics is very important. Sobjecme people think that they are not able to...

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Regaqrding studying in USA/AUSTRALIA/SINGAPORE?

I have few queries regarding GRE and Studying Abroad Since you have some experience i need your help and want to clarify few things with you So let me list out my questions 1) My academic background is horrible with 17 arrears or backs totally though...


no answers ??????

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