What are the different parts of Hadoop?

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What is Hadoop? | SAS

Learn about Hadoop and its most ... Hadoop administration seems part art and part ... a right platform for storing and processing data of different ...


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What are good ways to optimize Hadoop based on the NFS-like FileSystem?

I am writing to ask for     1. Any ideas about Performance optimization inside Hadoop framework based on the NFS-like Shared FileSystem    2. And this mail is also helpful to discuss about whether HDFS should support POSIX or NFS-like interface.    ...


I can provide information about MapR. MapR, as part of the MapR distribution for Hadoop, provides a...

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What are different sources from where I can learn Hadoop and MapReduce from a practical point of view?

I am a student and I tried to learn this technologies online by watching video lecture but they only provide with theoretical knowledge and I have gained enough knowledge on these technologies to get me started. I want dive in but I didn't find any useful...


You can refer some informative Big Data blogs and Videos  available on the internet to understand the...

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What are the use cases, pros and cons of the different SQL implementations for Hadoop?

Using Hadoop using SQL or SQL-like language, not access to SQL databases.


I think there's 4 general approaches to SQL for Hadoop. Connector to Hadoop: This is the approach that...

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What are different graph databases which should be considered and can be used with hadoop also?

MY problem involve representing entities as graph nodes and some relationships between them. However data is huge and it won't work for single system. I want to use Hadoop infra for that purpose. Is there any database which we can use that can make retrieval...


I'm not an expert in this domain, but I have recently started playing with Neo4J. I've been really impressed...

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What body parts are two different sizes?

i know how some woman may have two different size breast. but what other body bart iare different sizes, cause i swear my ears are two different sizes


if you have more than 1,of any thing they are different sizes.

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What are the different parts of a pool cue?

I'm pool cue shopping and these sites list all the different parts of a cue, but not what they are. For example, a bunch of them say they have a "pro taper", but I have no idea what that is.


Generally speaking, the primary parts of the pool cue are as follows: Tip, ferrule, shaft, collar, joint...

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What are the future paths of the economies of different parts of the world?

I have to write a report fro economics about the current and future state of the economies in different parts of the world and I wanted to know if I am missing or am wrong about anything. This is my understanding: North America Canada(where I am from...


Perfect. That's exactly the way the economy of the countries described by you are.

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What are the different parts of a symphony?

Does anyone know what the different parts (movements) of a symphony are? Like, what characterises a first movement? Or a second?


cchamp is correct. A couple things about the evolution of the form: Early Classical symphonies are usually...

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What body parts make the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 look different from the stock corvette?

what are some exterior body parts (fenders,etc) that makes the Z06 look different from the 6 cylinder coupe corvette?


The Z06 has the brake vents, as stated before, but compared to a base Corvette, it also has wider fenders...

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