What are the three main movements in contemporary art?

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Your top three favourite art movements and why?

Personally I'd have to pick Surrealism, the Renaissance, and Pop Art, although I do like a lot more, but they're the favourites! You?


Dada, post-impressionism and German Expressionism.

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In the arts, Baroque (or baroque) is both a period and the artistic style that dominated it. The Baroque...

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Anonymity in 20th Century art?

I have a paper due on Monday, and after a few days' study, I still can't find enough evidence. Basically: Artists associated with avant-garde movements (Dada, De Stijl, Constructivism and the Bauhaus) often valued forms of creativity that challenge the...


Avant Garde movements like you mentioned are collectives are artists who have a similar aim. Therefore...

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Music to go with Cubism, Surrealism and Pop Art?

As part of my coursework i need to make a movie about surrealism, cubism and pop art. I need to use three songs, one to go with each art movement. They need to be from abround the time of the art movements. Any suggestions?


Cubism 1920's the Jazz age - free flow musical abstract expressionism. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme...

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Help with art appreciation!!!?

The disciplines of the visual arts are?? List three art movements.


drawing painting sculpture

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Curious About Art & Art Movements/Art History Can You Help?

I'm an art lover but I don't really know much about art or it's history. I know it's not necessary to know about art to enjoy it but it's a subject I'm passionate about and would like to be able to discuss it with others. Before going as far going to...


I know you think that you don't have to know anything about art to enjoy it, but I beg to differ with...

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Famous art movements outside the United States

I was wondering if anyone knows any art movements outside the US? the US has movements like pop art & abstract so I was wondering if other countries had different art movements after World War 2


Mexican migration

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Art movements particular to water?

Have there been any art movements which largely incorporated the painting/drawing/photographing/sculpting etc of water? This is for my art GCSE. Thanks in advance for any answers. Also ideas on how to how to show the study of artists and art movements...


Paintings of seascapes were popular from the 17th into the 20th centuries. See: http://en.wikipedia...

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What art movements are these from (pics included)?

For my art homework I have to describe two different posters, which includes which movement they are from). I had asked my art teacher and she told me, I wrote them down but now I can't find it anywhere. First poster- http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl...


The first one is Art Deco. The second is Art Nouveau. Take a look at the two links and see what you...

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Can anyone explain Wollheim's three approaches to the definition of art to me?

I am interested in the philosophy of art, particularly in aesthetics and the definition and evaluation methods within art. I have come across something that is of particular interest to me, but I'm having a little trouble with it. In Wollheim's book...


Art And Its Objects contains what is widely regarded as Wollheim's major philosophical contribution...

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