What can I Bring in to Canada?

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You can't bring weapons or fresh fruit or vegtables and if you are of age you can only bring a limited...

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What foods can I bring and not bring by plane from Canada to Mexico, from a vegan, natural diet foodie.?

What kind of food am I allowed and not allowed to take to Mexico (Cancun), From Canada (Ontario) by airplane? I know many people will say to not bother because we can find almost all the same stuff in Mexico, but I'm a vegan and eat a strict diet of...


Almost everything you want to take is high in Glucose If this is not a diet of choice, ask your Dr if...

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What gifts can I bring from Texas to Canada?

What are good gifts to bring to friends in Canada from Texas? I want something made in Texas that I can bring into Canada. Any suggestions? I've already thought about local Honey, and a few Texas beers. Can I bring meat and produce into Canada from the...


How about a basket with bottles of local BBQ sauce and chunky salsa & some chips.? http://www.gonorthwest...

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What foods can u bring from US into Canada DUTY-FREE? Help ASAP!!!!!?

I live in Canada, and I'm going to go shopping in the US tomorrow. I want to know what foods you can bring across the Canadian border DUTY-FREE when I come back. Can you bring fruit juice/pop? How much meat, dairy products, and eggs per person? Seafood...


My parents and my mother-in-law head across the border to grocery shop all the time. They have never...

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What can i bring across the border from canada to te US?

can I bring candy? will they think its drugs? I heard I cant bring fruits. can I bring these? *Cheese--20 kilograms (kg)/person and the value of which cannot exceed $20 Canadian ...show more


The US will probably allow you to bring in AK 47s and M-16s but no fresh produce: dangerous for your...

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What food can I bring into Canada?

Been awhile since I last crossed the border. I'm going camping in NB soon, on a tight budget and trying to bring as much food as I can. Can we bring in canned fruit? canned tuna? hot dogs? (they are pre-cooked) soy milk? cartons of orange juice? hard...


I have attached the best government website that you can read over yourself as it is long and detailed...

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What foods can I bring into the States from Canada?

Hi, I will be staying in the states for 6 months in an RV and I need to know what I can bring across the border. For example: Alcohol, meats, vegetables/fruits, milk Does anyone have any links or websites that can specifically tell me what I can and...


if you can afford a rv trip for 6 months, throw out every thing and when you cross the border stop and...

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Can i bring my Baby from Canada to US?What are the requirements?

Ok i am US citizen and have gf in canada which get pregnant and we have beautiful baby girl,can i bring my baby to visit her grandma into US,will i be in trouble?And what are the requirements in order to get in here in US, she is 1 week old now.


Are you going by Air? If so then the baby would require a Passport, it should also be 6 weeks old before...

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What can i bring back from Canada to USA after holidays?

I am a Canadian working in the USA on a TN visa. I am not considered a US resident when filling out customs forms. I am going home for the holidays soon and wondering what I am allowed to bring into canada and back from to the USA in terms of presents...


for Canadians abroad regulations see http://www.voyage.gc.ca/consular_home-en… For returning...

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What are unique gifts I can bring to Canada from Santo Domingo?

I'm going home for christmas and wanted to bring my friends and family some stuff from here. Not TOO expensive. There is about 10-15 people I want to bring gifts for, so i geuss 2000 pesos (60 bucks) in total.


I think the small packets of Dominican coffee makes a good stocking stuffer along with the vanilla....

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