What can I bring from Korea to Canada?

Let’s learn what can I bring from Korea to Canada. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by cic.gc.ca.

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What goods can you bring to Canada - CIC

Bringing goods to Canada What you can bring. When you move to Canada from another country, you may bring your personal and household goods with you without paying ...


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Can i bring bb guns on the plane from korea to canada ? ?

i need to know if im aloud to bring them on the plane that goes from korea to u.s.a. Then from u.s.a i need to transfer planes to Canada. I really need to know because i bought like 15 guns for friends and i dont want to get them all taken away. Please...


oh come on...no you can't bring them on the plane but you can stow them. Unless of course you want to...

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Can I bring these items overseas (from Canada to South Korea) in my checked baggage?

A full years supply of: Deodorant Birth Control Tylenol Allergy Medication Bar Soap ... I would appreciate any confirmation, Thanks


yes, its totally fine, but theres soap there, as well as deodorant.

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Money help! Visiting Korea for 6 months.?

I'm thinking of going to Korea next year for six months. During my visit, I would like to buy a lot of souvenirs and visit a lot of places, but I'm stressed that i wouldn't have enough money for the whole six months. Plus I have to pay for the "...


Unless if you can wire transfer it, then yes, bring it with you. Note you must declare over 10.000USD...

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Are puppy training pads available to buy in Korea?

I lived in South Korea before and I am planning to move back there again soon. I'm in Canada right now. This time it's different, however, because I have 2 little dogs (a 3 pd. Yorkie and a 5 pd. Maltese) that I want to bring with me. They are trained...


I live in 부산(Busan) and my friend was looking into buying a puppy so we went to a couple...

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Why can't Canada host talks with North Korea?

North Korea is facing a misunderstanding with South Korea, Japan, China, and Russia, and the United Nations. Whatever the circumstances that led to this now, even if you wanna blame the Korean War, nobody could predict 50 years ago what is happening...


If Canada wants to host or mediate discussions between North Korea and the U.S., I see no disadvantage...

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Moving to South Korea from America, 10 things I should bring/not bring?

So I am moving to Yongsan South Korea in a month. I personally traveled there and lived all over Korea 6 years ago on my own dime for two years and never wanted to leave, now that I am going back, I am wondering about things that may or may not be different...


Read that: It's REALLY INFORMATIVE!! ^ ^ http://www.eslsouthkorea.net/packing-for…

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Permanent resident in Canada, and planing to bring and marry my fiancee inside Canada?

I'm permanent resident in Canada, and planing to bring and merry my fiancee inside Canada, this is because she is living in another country of her origin, and no chance to get marry there, my questions are: If she come to Canada by Visit visa is it possible...


Marriage licensing and certificates are issued by the individual provinces. You'd have to look up "...

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How much would it cost to ship a small dog from Seoul, South Korea to Canada?

My friend lives here in Canada, and he has a small dog back home in Seoul, South Korea that his mother is taking care of for him. He was interested in maybe shipping his dog to Canada, via air or something. But we're not sure what that would cost......


I would suggest calling a cargo department, because it's going to depend on the size and weight of the...

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Complicated Matter Regarding E2 Visa Application to Teach in Korea from Canada?

Hello, I have secured a job teaching for a school in Korea. I have submitted my documents for processing in Korea, however it has taken much longer than the estimated 5-10 days and the school is unresponsive. The recruiter is just stalling me and telling...


Best to handle it in person if it is that important; accepting another job would just complicate matters...

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