What can I pack when going to Italy in August?

Let’s learn what can I pack when going to Italy in August. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by virtualtourist.com.

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Italy - What to Pack - Clothing and Supplies Tips

What to Pack in Italy Comfortable Shoes. 16 reviews. General Packing Tips. 22 reviews. Map. 6 reviews. Comfortable Shoes. 6 reviews. Sunscreen. 2 reviews.


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What would be good things to pack when going to Italy, France, and England?

I'm going on a trip with PEOPLE TO PEOPLE and I've never been that far from home and I don't know what to pack. HELP!!


Pack normal clothes, not American ones, which we find too brightly coloured and it hurts our eyes.

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What do I pack when going to India?

I'm going to India for the first time without my parents. I have no idea what to pack! i'll be staying there for 7 weeks. what should i pack? and what shouldn't i pack? and any tips when traveling?


i have never had shots before going to india. there is malaria in some places so find out from your...

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What clothes should I pack, going to South Africa in late August?

Hello, I am going to South Africa in late August, Cape Town, Mpumalanga and Kruger Park. What clothes should I pack? I know it's still winter there. I was thinking about a duvet and some sweaters and a denim jacket. What else? And what about malaria...


Hello Tarryn come to S.A. and have fun ! Kruger P and Mpumalanga in August are just coming into spring...

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Going to be in Europe for 27 days. How do i pack when i can only have one suitcase? Help!?

So i am going to be in Italy, Greece, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, and England. How in the heck am i going to pack? I can only have one suitcase and it is as big as i can ...show more


The best thing i have found is to roll your clothes tight and lay them side by side.Saves a lot of room...

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I am going to italy... what do i pack??

I am going to italy soon... the weather is supposed to be around 85-90 what should i pack. We will also be biking and hiking. i think i have packed everythign i need but i want to make sure i dont forget anything important. Also what is it like there...


You're going to love it there! You should pack light. I hated lugging my stuff around because the streets...

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I'm going to Italy in June for a week what do i pack?

I've never been on a trip outside of Canada... I don't even know what the weather is like in Italy in June but i just found out i'm going to Italy for a week... any ...show more



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I am going to Italy in February. What should I pack? Also how much spending $? Thanks!?

So I am going on a class trip to Italy and I am wondering how warm I will need to pack. Also, what amount of spending money will I need? Thanks!


Italy will get pretty chilly in February (heck, even Orlando gets pretty chilly) so pack some sweaters...

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What should a 15 year old girl going to NYC for 5 days in July-August pack?

Hi :] I'm going on vacation to NYC for 5 days in late July to early August. What should I pack?


Think of the old saying, "half of what you think you need and double the cash." The best bet...

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What do you pack when you are going to menorca?

what to pack ??? im going to menorca in august i am 14 and im going for a week please and thanks xx


As its hot there in August, pack summer clothes and bikini/swimming costume, it goes cool in the evenings...

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