What can i wear when traveling? what can i take with me in my handbag?

Let’s learn what can i wear when traveling? what can i take with me in my handbag. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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What should i wear when traveling and what should i take with me in my handbag?

Me. my dad and brother are traveling to cotonou tomorrow and the plane is leaving at 7:15 pm and i don't know what to wear and what to take with me in my handbag!! But today while i was packing i put my psp, phone, lip glosses, eyeliners and nail polish...


Google what you are and aren't allowed at whatever airport you're going to ( btw your picture is Brookelle...

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What type of clothes should I wear there, and other questions ?

I am going to Florida in July to go to all the theme parks- as it is a dream come true for me. We leave on July 14th and will be there for two weeks. What I am concerned about is what to wear there. My aunt (who has been before and who is coming also...


For your clothes, I would suggest wearing shorts or thin three quarter lengths. It is very humid and...

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Traveling to India. A million Questions (Clothes, health, customs, tips)?

Namaste, I am traveling to India in a few months. OCT. Please help! Oy....I am not sure what to take, what to wear, how to stay healthy... Well, here are some things I know.....so far. I am trying to prepare myself well and to avoid as much cultural...


Please visit this web site to see most of your questions answered about india, http://www.greavesindia...

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I am traveling and have no idea what types of clothes I can take with me? Help please!?

So I am traveling to China in August, but I have no idea what kind of clothes I should take? What am I allowed to wear and what not? Because I know Chinese tend to be very formal and conservative so I know the obvious, nothing too trampy (not that I...


Whatever you wear will be fine. The Chinese are not more formal . . . the women do tend to dress with...

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Traveling to egypt this summer and i need help.?

ok so im traveling this summer and i want to know what are you allowed to put in your handbag on the plane. for example are you allowed to put your curling iron? or hairspray? and it would be a lot helpful if u guys list wat you are allowed to put in...


Wow. People would usually be all over such a question. I think because the Question line looks like...

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Traveling from Texas to Vancouver, BC (Canada) for the 1st time?

Hey everyone. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. Any feedback would be helpful. Ok here is my situation. Christmas is coming and as of yesterday, my in-laws have invited myself and my husband to spend Christmas with them. Hubby is...


If it were me, I would go for one week, let your husband stay for longer to be with his family alone...

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Can I take a handbag and a piece of hand baggage with Emirates?

helppppp this is the first time i'm travelling with Emirates and i just wanted to double check if i could have like a small wheeled bag with another small hand bag. The other small hand bag is just so i can put in my tickets,passports, my phone &...


1 piece of carry on luggage is allowed so it is a case or a handbag not both separately.I take a carry...

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I'm going to be traveling by an airplane for 8 hours. What should I take with me?

I'm going to be traveling by an airplane for 8 hours straight. I have no idea what to wear or if I should wear make up and how I should have my hair. haha .. I'm the kind ...show more


A book. And be sure you "go" before you leave,

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Im traveling from Illinois to Maine by train... any tips?

Me and my bf are traving to maine this christmas to visit my mom. Here and dad have been divorced for just over a year now. he doesnt know im going (not the point). were going from chichago(705 pm) to washington, district of columbia(130 pm) then were...


i'll try to help a little...trains are usually pretty warm so pack comfortable clothes, flannel pajama...

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Can I take my big luggage in the airplane?

I have a 32x20x13.5 inch luggage, weighting 60-65pounds. Can I take it with me on the plane (not as handbag, of course)? I am traveling from Boston to Amsterdam with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. If I can, how much do I need to pay extra, if not what would...


Sure you can, for 300 bucks extra for your over 62 inch luggage. When I saw how much they would rip...

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