What do i need to take in college?

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What type of loan can you take at age 16 without parent cosigner to pay for college classes (I need $400)?

I've been looking for a job for 2 months, but can't get any! My payment for winter term college classes is Jan 14th, and I'm $400 short! I'm under 18, so can't take any loans or anything, and I'm still enrolled in high school (and high school won't pay...


You cannot get a loan until you're 18. Because until you are 18 you cannot even be legally bound by...

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What classes do i need to take in Junior college for anthropology?

Ok. I'm only a sophomore in highschool, but i already know what i want to be. I want to be a forensic anthropologist but ive read that i have to go through steps before i master in one thing.. that i have to learn every anthropology before i go to one...


Community College would be to complete the core courses required for a BS degree. As in English, Math...

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right so my parents dont really know much about going to college abroad, so its down to me to research everything. i live in the UK and i am wanting to go to college in California. My family live in California, so that adds to the reasons why i want...


First off you need to be aware that school is much more expensive in the US than in the UK. Particularly...

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What Classes in College do i need to take to become a Game Designer/Programmer?

Ok so I have decided on what i want to do with my life, but i have come across some problems. I want to be a game designer, but i also want to be HEAVY into programming, and a little art wouldn't hurt. I want to be a lead game designer. I also want to...


I don;t know how your colleges work but you'll need programming, 3d graphics and maths mostly. Think...

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I want to become a librarian; what classes do i need to take in college? WHAT SPECIFIC CLASSES DO I NEED?

i would love to work as a librarian at a school, local library or any related business of that sort. I have wondered if there's a specific course related to library work objectives or if I'm supposed to take a specific number of college courses. please...


You need a Master of Library and Information Science degree accredited by the ALA. The specific courses...

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What testing do I need to take before college?

Hi! So I'm a jr. in highschool (I'm homeschooled) and was wondering what tests I need to take before college. I'm already signed up to take the ACT, I'm only going to a local community college. Is there any other test I need to possibly take? Thanks!


It would depend on the college you're attending. I'm sure the community college has this information...

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If I want to write movies for a living what classes do I need to take in college?

Ok here's the deal i want to write movies for a living and I am in college now taking my core classes but I have always had the passion for writing since I was in elementary school, and I don't want to be one of those people in College who constantly...


Drama, English lit ETC ETC.

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