What foods are good to bring on a road trip?

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Things to bring on a road trip across the country?

So my friends and I were planning on doing a road trip in the year 2011 our starting point is San Diego, CA and our ending destination is New York, NY (and then go all the way back home) so please tell us ideas/items to bring on this long trip ! thanks...


You have a few years to think about it...............Start thinking in about 2010............ It should...

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The necessities...what should I bring for this holiday road trip?

I have a 5 month old whom has only been no more than 2 hours away from home since birth. She will be experiencing my side of the family for the first time who are approx. 6 hours from home. The trip will be a 3-4day stay. My wife insists on bring practically...


Let her know that an exersaucer, or a bouncy chair is not a travel toy. Promise her that if she feels...

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Road Trip with toddlers?

I have a 3-year old son and my husband and I are taking him to Disney in July. We are from Toronto, so to take a road trip down means it will take 2 days. What to I need to pack for him? What will entertain him? What foods do I bring for him?


Food: luchanbles Entertainment: does he have any electronic devices like a leap pad? vtech? picture...

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What do I need for an enjoyable & hassle-free road trip?

In March, two of my best friends and I are going on a road trip from Kansas to Florida. Its a 24 hour drive and we're leaving late at night. I need help planning this road-adventure out. What do I need to keep my friends comfortable? What should I bring...


Bring LOTS water, and non perishable foods (lettuce on sandwiches make sandwiches soggy), crackers are...

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What local foods are worth seeking out on a road trip in Northern California and Oregon?

We are going on a trip to the Northern California Coast and Oregon. I want to stop in Walla Walla Washington on the way to Portland because of the onions and wine tasting bars downtown. Is there any other local food worth a detour on a road trip vacation...


I live in Walla Walla. Food For fancy touristy sit-down dining, you want The Marc (at our famous Marcus...

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bacon and condoms

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Foods to bring on a looooong road trip from MN to Washington D.C.?

My family always brings to much salty foods or too much sweet foods. What foods are a good balance? Drinks? thanks in advance :}


OMG!!!! I hope you have fun!!! My family always makes stops on the way, like Seven Eleven, Mcdonalds...

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What to bring on my road trip?What to do on my road trip?

I'm 13 and i was wondering what i should bring on my road trip and what i can do for the 8 hours of the trip? I asked this before but no one answered


I went on several road trips this past summer and although I can't really remember what I did on them...

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Foods to bring for a long road trip with only camping?

We are going on a 25 day road trip this summer and I am trying to figure out the best way to eat healthy, fresh(ish) foods. We will not have access to a freezer and will only be ...show more


Road trip? You don't need to haul a lot of food. There are stores along the roads.

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