What to bring for a road trip?

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What to bring on a road trip?

i need to know what to bring the trip is for two days with my family


Well, depending on how well you get along w/ your family, I'd suggest you bring an iPod w/ plenty of...

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What to bring on my road trip?What to do on my road trip?

I'm 13 and i was wondering what i should bring on my road trip and what i can do for the 8 hours of the trip? I asked this before but no one answered


I went on several road trips this past summer and although I can't really remember what I did on them...

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What to bring on a long road trip?

My friend and I are planning a road trip, and we want to make a list of things we should bring. What do you think the list should have on it? (The trip is going to be about a month ...show more


It really depends on where you are going. For any month though I would say pack light because you don...

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The necessities...what should I bring for this holiday road trip?

I have a 5 month old whom has only been no more than 2 hours away from home since birth. She will be experiencing my side of the family for the first time who are approx. 6 hours from home. The trip will be a 3-4day stay. My wife insists on bring practically...


Let her know that an exersaucer, or a bouncy chair is not a travel toy. Promise her that if she feels...

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What to bring on a five hour road trip to stay entertained?

I'm going on a five hour road trip to see my Mom and I only have a couple things on my list of what to bring so I won't get bored. Here is what I already have: - I pod Touch and charger - Phone and charger - Headphones - Portable DVD player and five...


I think that's a pretty good list! Below is what i do when i travel on long flights, but i think you...

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Road trip to canada - banff, what all should I bring?

my route im doing with my college buddies will be like this. tn to chicago to minnapolis to rapid city to glacier then to canada (banff in canadian rockies), then back down to salt lake, denver, wichita, then home. I have a list of my own, im mainly...


BRING A PAPER MAP your gizmo's do not always work in the mountains from Salt lake to Banff. You can...

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What things can i bring on my 12 hour road trip to entertain myself with?

Here is what i have done so far: - Coloring book (May last up to 2 hours) - ipod (may last 3 or 4 hours cuz i mite get a head ache or im just gnna get bored) -cell phone (May last untill battery dies, or if nobody replies to my texts..) -camera ( May...


Hmmm, do you think you're too old for car games? Left you a link in the sources, check that out. Let...

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What to bring on a 3 hour road trip there and back????

i'm going on a road trip and i don't know what to bring! me and my friend aren't driving her mom is


Well, bring a bottle of water, some food (I like to bring some mini bags of chips, some snack pack cereals...

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I'm going on a road trip, but dont know what to bring.?

Me and Some friends are going on a road trip this summer. We are eather going to rent a car, my other friend is going go with and drive. We don't really know what to bring, sence my other friend is the only one who has ever gone on something like this...


The first thing you should take with you is your English grammar textbooks, so that you can study along...

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What should I bring on my road trip?

I'm 15 years old and my family and me (possibly my best friend) are going to go on a road trip from Colorado to Chicago and back (by car). I'm wanting to know what to bring in the sense of entertainment. Thanks!


ipod, other hand held electronic games, pens, pad of paper, cards, book of songs to sing, books, crossword...

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