What is a good Paintball Sniper?

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You can get a PAINTBALL EW-1 EYE Electronic Marker Gun SNIPER Package for $139.95 from cgi.ebay.com.

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What is a good Sniper barrel for my paintball gun?

I have the Spyder Pilot ACS and was wondering what would be a good sniper barrel to buy to maximize the range and be able to pick people off from a distance. I will be using both the standard barrel and the sniper barrel so it doesnt have to be a top...


the barrel doesn't always make the gun more accurate but if your gun is not shooting accurate crank...

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Is this a good sniper paintball gun?

Is this Spyder sniper gun a good paintball sniper. http://www.paintballguns.net/Kingman_Kingman_Spyder_MR1_Sniper_Complete_Kit_w~_16_Inch_Barrel___749/


there is no such thing as a paintball sniper. all guns shoot at the same velocity, and they all shoot...

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Whats a good paintball gun for a sniper?

Whats a good paintball gun for a sniper.. I was (might) buy my friends tippmann 98 custom and all other crap for 80$ but im looking for a sniper


A Tippman A5 [http://tinyurl.com/2a2jy4] $199 and a Flatline Barrel Kit [http://tinyurl.com/2fjvy2]...

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What kinda gun should i use to be a sniper in paintball?

i was wondering what kinda gun i should use to be a sniper in paintball? could i use a regular marker like a tippman or something or should i buy a actual sniper rifle for paint balling like a rap4 or something like that i know there pretty expensive...


A Tiberius Arms T4 equipped with the First Strike paintball rounds would make a great sniper. You can...

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I agree with everyone else. Just dont spend over $500 on a base gun and then modify to a sniper. Big...

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Where can i find a cheap paintball sniper with good range?

i am looking for a nice paintball sniper with good range and power. i am under a budget and am having trouble find a cheap one. needs to be bolt action or magazine fed with concealed ...show more


listen DO NOT USE CO2 co2 messes up your gun. always use compressed air. and if you think its crap,...

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Looking for a good paintball sniper?

Prefereably from an experienced paintball player, what should i use for a sniper? Not looking to spend an *** load but we go up to this one place with a group of friends over ...show more


You can get a flatline / Apex barrel to put backspin on the ball which will allow it to go farther....

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What is the best marker to use when trying to make a paintball sniper rifle?

I plan on making my own paintball sniper rifle, I'm kind of new to the subject so I was wondering what to start with.


Honestly...its kinda pointless to do. Most Paintball fields aren't big enough, markers just don't have...

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What kind of starting sniper rifle paintball gun should i get?

I'm looking for a nice sniper paintball gun. I don't want something that's really expensive, just a nice starter.


I second going with the 98 or A5. Both are okay priced (you can find even cheaper used). And both and...

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