What is a good paintball woodsball mask for a cheap price?

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What is a good woodsball paintball mask for a cheap price?

Well, I need a new mask. i have a extreme rage xray mask and i think it looks like crap and if you could bend the mask it's probably cracked, lol. well i play woodsball and I ...show more


Well lets first talk about the mask you are looking at. The JT ProShield is not that good of a mask...

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Can someone please tell me what paintball gun for woodsball is the most accurate. My price range $100 - $200?

Thanks. This is my first paintball gun so I would like it to be good. Most likely $150 so I could spend on a tank, hopper, and goggles. And please nothing with e-grip, I barely shoot. (Mostly in the back, almost 75 yards away). I was thinking about buying...


Accuracy is not determined by the marker per se. It is a combination of air delivery consistency, paint...

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What paintball woodsball gun should I get?

My friend Is looking into getting a woodsball styled paintball gun so he would like a stock and be able to aim down sights. His budget is about $180 and he would like to get a mask, co2 and anything else he can get with that budget! Please no speedball...


He's better off getting a speedball gun. Any good speedball gun not not preforms well in speedball,...

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What is a good paintball gun for both speedball and woodsball for under 200$?

I already have a mask,hopper,and Co2 tank, I'm just looking for a good marker! I play both speedball and woodsball , but I play woodsball the most thought!!


Look for an Autococker Trilogy. They handle well, are quite accurate, and can usually be found for less...

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What is a good paintball marker for woodsball?

I am looking into buying a paintball marker to play woodsball with my buddies. I need a marker, mask, tank, and hopper but only have tops $150 dollars. I know i can get a Tippmann 98 ...show more


a tippmann 98 custom pro would fit your need, reliable, durable, good accuracy, can take one heck of...

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Best paintball marker for $200-250 thats good for both woodsball and speedball?

I'm looking for a good paintball marker that works well for both woodsball (primarily) and also speedball (I want to get into it) I have the price range of about 200, 250 bucks. ...show more


Proto matrix rail..PMR umm the spyder RSX good starter gun...DP Dangerous power really good...

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Paintball Mask?

Whats a good paintball mask so when im breathing it wont fog up my mask? can you give me the name, brand and price plz?


Any of the new JT masks. First off, they dont break the bank like other I3 Dye masks which are $90....

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What paintball good paintball marker can i get for less than $250?

I'm thinking about getting started with paintball and need to get the basic stuff(marker, hopper, tank, mask). I'm fine buying used on eBay or any other site you know about. I'll be playing mostly woodsball. A whole package new or used under $350 would...


Mate ur askin in the wrong place. Want advice from the real ballers get on http://www.pbnation.com/...

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Which out of these 3 paintball markers is the best?

Now I have 3 contestants on which one I want to buy. Forget all of the price and stuff like that. I'm looking for a more of a woodsball, urban scenario, all of the other types of paintball type games except speedball. I'll play speedball the least out...


First, the Invert Mini and the Empire Axe are virtually the same. I know a number of guys that have...

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Good begginer paintball gun(woodball)?

I have recently started playing paintball and I really enjoy Woodsball more then Speedball. I like the longer games, the strategic thinking, moving up slowly on your enemy, flanking, and the bigger maps. I dont much care for full-auto, my local arenas...


Well first all markers have the same distance and accuract. You distance is rated by the fps and how...

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