What is a good quality universal remote for a reasonable price?

Let’s learn what is a good quality universal remote for a reasonable price. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by thewirecutter.com.

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The Best Universal Remote Control | The Wirecutter

The Best Universal Remote Control. ... is now the $70 Harmony 650 thanks to its reasonable price, ... the added convenience of a quality universal remote.


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What are some good, widely available furniture companies or brands offering quality items at a reasonable price?

I am not that knowledgeable and feel it's folly to go to discount/bazaar/department stores carrying brands I have never heard of.  I would prefer to just go to a store and be able to trust the quality without much expertise.  For reference, Henredon...


CB2 is more expensive than Ikea, but cheaper than Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel. It's one of the...

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What are some good quality beers for a reasonable price...?

...here in America? Preferable in Houston, TX? I'm really eager to try some good quality beer at a decent price. I'm not a big fan of Busch and Keystone which are beers my dad drinks. I like Shiner Bock and Steel Reserve, which are regular supermarket...


First let me start by saying excellent choice with shiner. Personally i like the bock and bohemian....

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What is a good quality video camera for a reasonable price, for a beginner YouTube-er?

I really want to start making YouTube video's, but I don't know what all I need besides a video camera. Also I need a good quality camera that won't hurt the bank if you know what I mean. I'm looking to spend around $200 at the most. Thanks in advance...


sony DSC-h7 or h9 can be had cheap now that they are a few yrs old, ebay, amazon, but takes great video...

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What is a reasonable sell price for a good quality photography ?

I'm an enlightened amateur photographer (check out http://www.apprentiphotographe.com if you want to see samples) and I love to shoot music concerts. A musician I recently shot saw my photos and wants to buy a number of them for his website. I have no...


Check out sites like The Premier Photography Community. and sites of other photographers. You might...

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What is a Good Quality SLR at a reasonable Price?

Hi there :D I just started out in photography and i am pretty Amateur. I need an affordable slr that is good quality. I havent quite found a style of photography that im doing ...show more


Quality and affordable? Mamiya RB67 Canon AE-1 Nikon D50 Pentax K1000 Olympus OM

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Good quality flat screen TV for reasonable price?

I've been looking to buy a flat screen tv for awhile now. I would like something in the 32-36" range. I would like something that has good enough quality so that I can play games on it (PSII and maybe III in future) and have them look decent. I...


You cant go wrong with Panasonic! In that size range you will be looking at LCD's. Current popular plasmas...

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What is a good price for a hookah that is single hose and good quality?

I'm looking into buying my first hookah and I'm not sure what a good price would be for a hookah. I'm thinking about getting a hookah that is between 10-16 inches (around there) and I'm looking for one that is quality made and will last for awhile. The...


the best quality for a 10-20 inc hookah has to be mya here's a link to 2 of them this one will smoke...

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Where to find good quality gold with reasonable price in Jeddah?

I've heard Saudi Arabia have high quality gold jewelry. I want to buy gold jewelry for gift. Where is gold souk in Jeddah that have high quality gold with cheap or reasonable price? How much the market price for 24 karat gold in Jeddah nowadays? Shukran...


Ok here is the 411 on gold shopping in Saudi. No price is set, except in the big shopping malls. You...

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What is a good quality video recorder for a very good price?

I'm looking to start a Youtube channel starting the beginning of the 2012 year, but I need to know a good camera for the videos. I want to do all different types of videos like vlogs or skits or something. I need a light weight but really good quality...


- Kodak zi8 - Sanyo CG20 - Flip Ultra HD

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