What's a good mobile phone plan for a study abroad student?

Let’s learn what's a good mobile phone plan for a study abroad student. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by internationalstudentinsurance.com.

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What to do with your cell phone when you study abroad

Learn what options you have with your cell phone when you study abroad, ... with your study abroad experience – good ... Student Travel, Study Abroad. Tags: cell ...


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What short term cell phone plan should I get when I study in Shanghai?

I'm an American going to Shanghai as an exchange student for a three months, what is my best mobile phone option? I currently have an ATT plan with no international minutes.


If you have a 3G phone that is unlocked, you can purchase a SIM card in Shanghai almost anywhere. It...

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Try these links: http://www.onspanishtime.com http://www.campusfone.com/ http://www.gowithcea.com/safety...

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Should I come to india and study? Also whats the Nightlife like for a college student?

I'm born and raised in the US, But I'd like to get to know my Indian roots more. My parents are both from India. Anyways, I plan on becoming a doctor and go to med school. ...show more


I would say Mumbai and Delhi are nice place for you to go.

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Whats the best phone?

i am a high school student and currently have a monthly income of ~400 a month at a part time job. My family's cell phone plan will soon end in a couple of days and would like to know what would be the best phone for me? This new device will work as...


Sounds like you want an iPhone but not iphone price. Google nexus one is good. other than that nothing...

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Student tax help.?

Okay. Heres my situation. I'm currently 21, a student, and plan on filing taxes for the first time. I live away from home in an apartment. I worked alot last summer and did work study during the fall. My aunt told me I should file to get some money back...


You can file your taxes as independent if you prefer, but remember that the IRS is a completely different...

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College student son depressed and unmotivated.

My 19 yr old son has decided to drop out of college after this semester to find himself. The problem is he is without a plan and I believe very depressed. He has been to a therapist in the past and has an appt to see the therapist next week. In the meantime...


Also, I don't know how you would do this -- I wouldn't suggest the methods by which I was introduced...

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Whats more of a collage friendly city : Kent or Edinburgh?

I Plan on doing a foundation year in either University of Kent or University of Edinburgh and then plan to go on and study law . The University of Edinburgh has a better law program but the Kent is apparently a very student friendly city . And i care...


The Scots are less keen on fabric based art, so take your cut and paste skills to Kent. And Kent is...

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What should I do in such a situation?

I have completely messed my class 11th IITJEE syllabus. In beginning of class 12th I set myself on track but now I am again heading nowhere. Everyday I plan to finish something but end up wasting all time on whats app/Facebook/TV series/movies. I also...


Study 6 hous a day, do whatever you want in the remaining time.

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Administrative Behavior

Please read the following article, and I would like your feedback on these 3 question at the end of the artical, i am asking for a way to replay to the questions: NATIONAL REPORTING previous | index | next The Price of Power -- No, Sir! The Military...


Hello shosho99-ga, That was an interesting article -- I love the Wall Street Journal! Here are your...

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