What's a good minor for a business student?

Let’s learn what's a good minor for a business student. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by undergrad.usc.edu.

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Choosing a Minor | Undergraduate Education | USC

There are lots of different ways to approach choosing a minor. ... in Business Administration you will ... where the minor may be added by any student.


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Because stealing is illegal.

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Friend, I am happy for you that you have choosen accounting for your career as you can see lot of oppurtunities...

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sell dope to dope's then get locked up by police & then you are the DOPE

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What is Better: Studying in US with a Education Loan or Building Startup into a Business along with a Day Job in India in next 2-7years?

In general opinion from my friends, it is easier to choose US studies as it promises good returns for self after loan repayment.However after that loan, student get into real world and it again takes loans to settle well in his life at US only as he...


Choosing to help people does not depend on choosing entrepreneurship over a job. You can help others...

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I want to start cyber-cafe business and i have no idea about how to start.can anyone help me?

i am a second year degree college student. my group decide to opening new cyber cafe to start our side business. I am certified hardware & networking. that is why ,i known something computer connection & net connection , but not all thing ,help...


You have to start with a business plan. Any successful business must have a comprehensive plan. Presuming...

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Best american uni to attend for business degree?

I'm an australian uni student about to finish my bachelors in commerce, i want to acquire my masters degree in america, I want to be a merchant banker, what american uni would be the best for me to attend? whats the best business school? do they offer...


Harvard...hands down. Good luck trying to get accepted.

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Whats better college or starting a business?

Here's the scoop, I have two years left to go get my bachelors, but I also have other options. My college is back East in a freezing town in RI. Currently I am on the west coast in SoCal where its nice and warm all the time. Mt friend who just purchased...


finish your degree, I didn't and forever will kick myself. You ALWAYS say you will go back and you don...

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If you are in default on your private student loans can they sue for ownership of a business you own?

I have a business that I have had for some time, and I do have a little bit of investment money in my business account and assets. I was working before the recession of 2009 through today, and I have just managed to scrape by and I am finally starting...


I'm no lawyer, but if you have a personal loan and you've got assets on your name, the lawyers can definitely...

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If I owe on student loans and I start my own business?

If I open a business checking account to start up an online business, will I have to start making payments on unpaid government student loans? I have not had any income for the last three years after my baby was born, and I was seperated from my husband...


You have 2 separate issues. If you start a business and have income, then yes, you have to report it...

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