I need a good/small video camera at a reasonable price.

Let’s find an answer to "I need a good/small video camera at a reasonable price.". The most accurate or helpful solution is served by cnet.com.

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Best budget digital cameras of 2016 - CNET

CNET editors' review of the best budget digital cameras includes product photos and video and ... Cameras: Best budget digital cameras of ... Price: $179 ...


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What is a good quality video camera for a reasonable price, for a beginner YouTube-er?

I really want to start making YouTube video's, but I don't know what all I need besides a video camera. Also I need a good quality camera that won't hurt the bank if you know what I mean. I'm looking to spend around $200 at the most. Thanks in advance...


sony DSC-h7 or h9 can be had cheap now that they are a few yrs old, ebay, amazon, but takes great video...

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What is a good full HD video camera in A reasonable price range?

I am looking at getting a full HD video camera for recording musical covers. I need some advice on them and it needs to be in a reasonable price range! 0-500$ ?


The FlipUltraHD video Camera. Find it at http://www.topdigitalcamerassite.com

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I need to buy a new video camera for a low price but good quality. What kind should I get?

I'm looking for a new video camera that is a low price, comes with the USB cable, and if possible, can also take pictures. But mostly, I just need one that is low priced and that I can edit stuff together if I put it on my computer. I don't know much...



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Need Digital Video camera, decent quality, cheap price.?

Just using for posting youtube videos and some off and on home movies. Don't need HD. Can't really spend much more than $3 - 400. Don't mind purchasing used, but need decent quality picture and sound. Any suggestions?


Flip Video Mino Series Camcorder Video: Full VGA, 30 frames per second, MPEG4 1.5 inch color LCD screen...

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Im 13 year old boy that wants a nice hd easy to use video camera im in to tapeing and need a price 100 230?

I have a Kodak playsport zx5 and love it but i want a real good camera please!!!! Thank u


don't go with a canon under $300 bucks they break, but what I would recommend is this http://www.amazon...

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Need help choosing a camera for video

Wife wants a video camera, I want a still camera that shoots video. Hope us! The wife and I are soon going to be parents and as such I would like to be able to take HD video of our son. I currently have a Panasonic Lumix Camera that managed to get some...


Just get the P&S that you want, and pick up a Flip (or equivalent) on ebay or after-Christmas sales...

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Need buying advice on camera with HD or near-HD quality video but with audio mics preferably.?

Need to focus on quality videos of sports celebrities' interviews, perhaps Hi-Def, probably only because it'll soon become standard quality expected. I don't mind getting a Digital-SLR camera as any still pics are also welcome. Especially because most...


If you can swing it, the Sony HDR-CX560V is great for this purpose. I use it for school events (concerts...

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Best HD video camera for a decent price?

I recently purchased a jvc everio gz-mg630 and now I am wanting to upgrade. First I want to just share the problems I have with it so maybe it will help understand what I am avoiding. The main issue with the jvc everio is the fact it records .mod which...


i was googling and found Kodak ZxD Pocket Video Camera which is really good. *Rugged, pocketable HD...

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Video camera high quality for low price?

I need to find a fairly inexpensive digital video camera. I will use it to compile sports tape, so it must take good quality video. I will also use it for 2 school video projects which, mean i need to be able to upload video to the school computers for...


Ok.. given school, you need to be sure you're getting a camcorder that can work with the school computers...

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