What is a good first video camera?

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Good first video camera?

I've been really into pictures and digital images and editing them and what not for a few years now and was thinking about film. My mother is at a loss for what to get me for Christmas and I already have a wonderful camera (Canon Rebel XT! :D) so I was thinking about asking for a video camera. What's a good first camera for me that has a good picture and good editing capabilities? I have Adobe Photoshop CS3 and would like the videos to be files instead of DVD's, if that makes any sense. I did a...


What's your budget? What video do you want to capture? Once you set a budget, see what camcorders from...

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What is a good first time video camera?

i'm going to make youtube videos for singing and have been looking at cameras online but they're all so expensive and i don't know what the quality is. whats a good first ...show more


go for nikon or canon they start at decent price..have it.

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What was the first digital still camera that had a video mode?

I am just kind of curious, but what was the first digital still camera that had a mode for taking videos? what year did it come out? I am just curious...I have a digital camera from 2003 that takes crappy video, but I have heard that there are older...


I've traced it back to 2000 with the Sony DSC-S50. Your turn.

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What is the camera the girl is holding in the script 'for the first time' video?

she is holding a silver old fashioned camera, but i am stuck at what camera it is or what type. (because i am looking to buy an old fashioned camera) Thanks x


You'd get a lot more chance if you posted a still or a link to the video with a time reference to when...

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Is the Sony handycam HDR-XR160 a good first video camera?

I am looking to buy a video camera, my price range is $800AUD (Australian dollars) or below. The Sony handycam HDR-XR160 to me is what I'm looking for in terms of price and features. Is this a good camcorder? or are there better ones at a comparable...


You'll be able to record hours of HD video with theHandycam HDR-XR160 by Sony, thanks to its massive...

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What I should look for when buying my first video camera?

I've been skateboarding for a long time, and i've just started to get into filming. After watching many clips on the internet having a quality handycam with a fisheye lens really makes the video that much better. I'm just looking for a little advice...


When looking for a video camera, go for brand and pixels. The more pixels, the better. Check online...

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What was the first video camera ever?

Pleas include all info you have/know about the camera.


Have a look at this site and then search the net thats one of its uses. Just takes a little time good...

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Video camera? I'm trying to purchase my first digital video camera. I would like recommendations..?

I'm starting to really get into recording home movies. I'm trying to find a camera, which I can transfer videos to my computer, and also one with good video quality. Not HD (way too pricey) but something good with at least 30x-40x range. I prefer sony...


the cheapest most reliable one you can find... it will be ancient in a year or so

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First time buyer of a video camera needs some tips?

I have never owned a video camera before. Basically, I need something that will last a few years and can record short videos that I can watch on the camera itself, on one of those little screens. I'm sure you can tell by the way I wrote this that I know...


Here's a helpful camcorder buying guide: http://www.easycamcorders.com/content/Be… it should...

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