I need a good HD camcorder in a reasonable price range.

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Smart-Review | HD & 4K Camcorder Buying Guide (2015-2016 ...

... HD & 4K Camcorder Buying Guide: Find the best rated ... by high definition camcorders ... the full 1080p HD. In order to playback the 3D, you need a ...


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I need an hd camcorder that has a pivotal viewfinder and a hotshoe that i can put a hotshoe handle on. no price range its cool. thanks for the help leave a link


to find a good HD Camcorder at lowest price, I recommend you to visit at http://www.smarterdeals.com...

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Help looking for a good HD camcorder.?

So this is what I need: -Great audio - preferably an external audio jack -Decent zoom - 20x - 30x (I guess I can tolerate less tho) -Good company - Sanyo, Panasonic, Sony, Canon etc. I don't want shabby companies - Price Range - $400 and below (I know...


you should go in for Sony HDR-XR100E (look for similar model in ur country) with 80 gb storage space...

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Hey I need to buy a semi-pro to pro camcorder. Absolutely HD, possibly not miniDV and not AVCHD. Max price range is about 3000$ Not very interested in the DSLR craze either! I work ...show more


I would consider Canon XH-A1S 3CCD HDV High Definition Professional Camcorder *Genuine Canon 20x HD...

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Where can i find a camcorder that has HD quality and a price range up to $3,000?

our church is looking at a new video camera and editing software for all our movie needs. the software we're most likely getting is Final Cut Express HD for our G4 Mac. All we have right now for video cameras is a cheap sony for home use. it is terrible...


You Can get a Canon X-2 which is a profesional Small Budget movie making camera. it will cost around...

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What is the best HD camcorder for videography at a $200-$300 price-range?

I am a professional photographer. I want to venture into professional videography now as well, however I do not want to make an investment over roughly $600 for cameras at the moment. I am looking for 2 camcorders for that price and curious of anyones...


Getting a HD camcorder is taking a step backward in Video Quality. HD camcorders Interpolate the video...

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Need camcorder 250-300$ price range from Best Buy?

My baby is due in a week and I have to get my camcorder from Best Buy since that is where I have the gift card from. I'm looking at the Canon fs100 and the JVC comparable to it, ...show more


Sony miniDV camcorder is high quality and easy to use. you can see customer reviews and compare price...

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Can anyone recommend a camcorder with these specs?

I am looking for a decent camcorder and I am having a hard time finding one. I am looking for one that I can take decent pictures [anything above 5 megapixels] and something that is decent with minor concerts. Camcorder specs I am hoping for: At least...


Should check out this blog, it listed the top rated camcorders that have features that you want: http...

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Does any one know whats a Very good HD camcorder for a cheap PRICE ?!?!?

I need a good HD camcorder but i cant find one that fits my budget.Does any one recommend a really good HD camcorder i need one for youtube because i do youtube videos.


Consumer level HD camcorders have 4 problems. 1) Blurry, fuzzy, out of focus areas closely around people...

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Best HD Camcorder for Price?

I was looking for a very high quality camera for this price range. Anything that is under $300. I know it is hard to find a amazing camera for this small price range, but that is why I am looking for the best in this range. Note that I am in no need...


i bought JVC GZ-HM300 camcorder for my vacation and im so glad i did. we recorded our whole vacation...

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