I need a good Teen-rated game for the PC.

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I need a new game for pc...?? rated teen?

i want a new game....preferably $50 and under. it would be nice if it was recent and definitely compatible with vista if possible. rated Teen please-or lower


AGE OF EMPIRES 3 Its the best PC game out right now, its a real time strategy. Basically you control...

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Earth 2160 pc game error. Need help.?

dunno wtf just happened. I installed my new pc game "Earth 2160 and I can't play it. It gives me error message "An error has occured while initializing direct 3d. Insufficient graphic card properties or configuration/ driver problems could...


if it says ur computer says insufficient graphic card u need to upgrade ur computer a card is fairly...

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SOS!! I need the uninstall file for the pc game named"Disneys Timon & Pumbaas jungle games"version 1.0

I installed a pc disk for my daughter and I can't remove it.I also do NOT have the CD package/case it originally came with when I bought it.I went to my"add & remove programs" on my pc but when i go to uninstall it.It doesnt react, the...


left click the mouse and a screen should pop up click delete and hit it then it will go into the recycle...

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I need help from someone in the pc game making feild. Like rmxp, game maker.?

Can anyone please direct me to a game creation engine that allows for action adventure or rpg games. Game Maker - too hard The games factory - runtime errors Rpg maker - A bit limited, unless you use scripts (which i can't) The one I liked the best was...


I don`t know if this is what you are looking for.But these are some of the freeware game making soft...

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My pc won't run The Movies pc game. do i need an upgrade or a new pc? can someone out there help me please!

I have a DELL Dimension 2300 Desktop and I think it meets the minimum requirements to run the game. It has a Intel Celeron CPU with 1.70 Ghz with 256 MB of RAM. It runs Windows XP with service pack 1. can anyone let me know what the difference is also...


yes your computer will run the games the computer spec is ok, it will most probably be your graphics...

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Need help remembering an old 90's pc video game?

As many points as I can give you if someone actually helps me to identify these two games. Background a long time ago I had a demo disk with a whole bunch of dos games on it that I really loved. I have long since lost the disk but would love to re discover...


The game`s name is "Electric Man 2" you can get this game from the below source.

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I'm confused, Multiple PC's, One PC game, Publicly available. what do i need to pay to keep it legal?

if i buy one game, and install it on loads of PC's, and let people play the games on the PC's for money, what will I need to pay? (will i need to pay royalties to the ...show more


you need a site licence or to purchase multiple keys, write an email to whoever you got the game from...

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Need good PC game I'm BORED! Do you know what I mean by saying BORED?

Yep that's right I am BORED! And to kill my boredom I need a good PC game to play! Well, some PC games to play. Please guys send me some games except bf3 and Skyrim. I will choose best answer not a game that is chosen worldwide as the best game but a...


Happy wheels-violent, free, and hilarious. heres the link: http://www.totaljerkface.com/happy_wheel...

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If I want to create a PC game like NFS, Fifa, GTA etc. What programs I need to know to create a Game?!?

Hello Guys and Girls. If I want to create a PC game like NFS, FIFA, GTA etc. What programs I need to know to create a Game.


all o them

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Plz Help! need to know an old pc game title.?

Sorry in advance about vague details but here goes. It must be a 90's PC game I bought the CD in store and all I can remember is in the game your a boy trying to figure how to escape a dark world. i can remember running through woods from a scary werewolf...


Half life 2: Episode 3 I think that's the one.

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