I need a good cheap camcorder for Youtube?

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I need a good camcorder for filming Youtube makeup tutorials?

I'm going to be making videos for my beauty youtube channel. Right now I'm using my webcam which is HORRIBLE!!! I would like to spend under $100. It doesn't have to be a super nice camcorder, just one that would be good for makeup tutorials ect. I don't mind if it's not HD, but I would like it to have zoom and under $100. Thanks guys!


If I was a wanting to do what you want to do, I would use a Canon ZR960 MiniDV tape camcorder, turn...

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I need a cheap camcorder that can autofocus for Youtube Filming?

I started a youtube channel and would like to get a cheap camera or camcorder that has the autofocus so when showing items up close they are very detailed and look good! Thanks so much! Every answer is deeply appreciated:)


Hi Claire, and welcome to Yahoo!Answers: Similar Questions get asked here on Y!A all the time, and one...

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I want to make videos for fun/youtube but I need a good camcorder which one would you prefer?

I like to make videos and edit them. I need a camcorder with good sound and good video...what is the cheapest best one?


Take a look at this site: http://www.downloadyoutube.biz/ They tested many similar products and narrow...

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I need a camcorder for YouTube?

Hi, I need a good camcorder that can record HD and that is easy to transfer files to an imac. My budget is £200. Also it has to shoot video that has the correct format for YouTube, ...show more


Getting a HD camcorder is taking a step backward in Video Quality. Hd camcorder Interpolate the video...

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I need a new camcorder for youtube videos?

So I need a decent camcorder that picks up colour and has good quality. It's to film horse riding so it needs to stay focused with movement. Any ideas? Not too expensive though, ...show more


I would consider Sanyo VPC-CG20 High Definition Camcorder * Full HD 1080, 60i Video (1920 x 1080) *...

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I need a new HD Camcorder that shoots great videos for Youtube?

Hey Guys. :) I really wanted a better camera rather than using My Flip Ultra. Its good but its not really good. I want to graduate to a more Clearer image and a better sound quality. I've been thinking about getting a camcorder that runs on HD 1080p...


Try Brica DV - 500Z ; or JVC GZ-HM650B tough its "less-well-known", but the performance is...

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I need a camcorder, to make beauty videos on YouTube.?

I need a good, focusing one so when I show products, it focuses out of my face and onto the product so you can see the name, color, etc. I also want good lighting, no matter where I ...show more


Just about any camcorder made by Sony or Panasonic will be a good camcorder. Lighting is not provided...

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What steps do I need to do to convert old VHS (camcorder stuff) into DVD then youtube?

VHS= DVD = youtube what machines and converts do I need to purchase?


ANALOG *If you have an analog (VHS) camcorder… or VHS-c... You need an analog converter, either...

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I need a camcorder for youtube.!?!?

i need a camera that is hd,can pick up sound really well, can be mounted on a tripod, and is good quality. thanks so much!


There are so many good products in the market its really difficult to choose one but I made up my mind...

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Need advice!!!! What is a good digital camera/camcorder for making some youtube vids?

Id be riding my horse in most of these videos :) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance!! :D


Canon HV10 3.1MP High-Definition MiniDV Camcorder is the 4th camcorder I'm testing in 6 months and the...

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