What's a good cheap camcorder?

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What cheap camcorder works best with an Apple G5 computer?

I need to find a cheap camcorder (under $200 ideally) that works well with an Apple computer (specifically: iMac G5 1.8 GHz processor, 2 GBs ram). I've been reading through reviews of digital camcorders and many of them are made specifically for Windows PCs and cause trouble (or just don't work) on Macs. What camcorder should I buy?


Back in college, I used the Media Center's Sony Digital 8 camcorder and that interfaces with iMovie...

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Does any one know whats a Very good HD camcorder for a cheap PRICE ?!?!?

I need a good HD camcorder but i cant find one that fits my budget.Does any one recommend a really good HD camcorder i need one for youtube because i do youtube videos.


Consumer level HD camcorders have 4 problems. 1) Blurry, fuzzy, out of focus areas closely around people...

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Whats a good cheap skate camcorder?

I had a insignia camera and the screen cracked and i didnt like it a whole lot. so i want a new camcorder i can use for when im skating, that will take action shots and take videos of course. i also want it to have good quality of course good enough...


The Sony MHS-CM1/D Webbie HD is a good choice and will definitely fit your budget. This is a memory...

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Whats a good cheap HD camcorder?

I want to film some videos up to 15 minute videos in HD, and i dont know much about them whats a good cheap HD camcoder that will last?


I use the Aiptek Action HD GVS 1080P High Definition Camcorder with 5x Optical Zoom.The Action HD GVS...

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Whats a good, cheap digital video camera/camcorder that I can use to record myself playing guitar?

Recently, my digital camera has been acting up whenever I record videos with it so now I'm looking for something that has good sound quality and isn't all staticy whenever I record something loud and distorted on my amp. Also, something that has good...


You get what you pay for in the electronics world; you're not going to find a one-low-price-fits-all...

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Whats a good cheap, mini camcorder?

I have already bought 2 and both sucked so im looking for a good one that will last. If you answer please tell where to get one and the price.


What is your budget? What will you be filming with it? Will you want to capture LOUD audio? Will you...

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I'm not sure what you would consider cheap but the Kodak ZI8 is one of the best out there in my opinion...

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Whats a good camcorder to buy?

Hi, i am looking to buy a camcorder in the price range of $150 to $300. I am a teen and i am just starting to get into filming. I want a good camcorder that i can use to make good ...show more


For the price range that your willing to spend your looking at a hi8 camcorder or maybe you could get...

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Whats a good camcorder?

i shoot music video's but dont high the thousand of dollars to get a good one like the pro's what would be a good camcorder for me to shoot good video and get good a clear ...show more


From your description, I would recommend a Panasonic MiniDV Digital Camcorder. You can buy one at http...

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