What is a good hd camcorder that is cheap and has a high mp?

Let’s learn what is a good hd camcorder that is cheap and has a high mp. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by ChaCha.

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Sanyo Xacti has 7MP MPEG-4 High Definition 720p Camcorder with 5x Optical Zoom, the flip has 16:9 widescreen...

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What Fish Eye Lens Can I Use With My HD Camcorder?

I have a HD Camcorder and I dont know what fisheye lens my camera can support. Here is the page from where I bought my camera from.. Pleasse Help Mee!! http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-JAPAN-12T-FULL-HD-1080P-16-MP-DIGITAL-CAMCORDER-c-/150614478704?pt=Camcorders...


none. this camera has no filter threads. if you need to use a fisheye, then you need to purchase a camera...

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The insignia HD camcorder or the kodak Zx1 ( coming in april)?

I was thinking about buying a pocket camcorder eventually ( i could wait until april). I found these too which i LOVE! I love how the zx1 is weatherproof and records at 60fps. And i love how the insignia has a flip out 3 inch lcd screen, looks nicer...


i got th insignia cammcoerder for Christams and it now has a craked screen. its probable just my expience...

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Im looking for a camcorder with HD?

i once used a pocket size hand camcorder with 5.1 mp it took along time for it to focus in and a camera with 8.1 mp and it took videos too but it wouldn't focus on small letter i didn't see how it looked if i where to take a vid of another person .I...


You might like the Flip Mino HD, which is pretty popular right now. Insignia also sells a similar camcorder...

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Is it true that a Camcorder with High Megapixels decrease the quality of video?

I wanted to buy a good Camcorder that I could do anything with it including taking pictures like NEX-5 quality. I have seen Canon G10, Canon HF S30, Sony CX700. However, I don't know which is the best among this 3. Canon G10 has 2.++MP, S30 hv 8mp n...


Hmmmm I'm not sure if that's true but when you look at these cameras you have to see which camera shoots...

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Is this camcorder good? ...from ebay?

im planning on buying a camcorder[HD] from ebay and i was wandering if buying this camcorder will be of a better use. Any ideas? http://cgi.ebay.com/2-7-TFT-12-0-MP-HD-D…


Why don't you check out the top rated and affordable camcorders to buy: http://lovetosharethis.blogspot...

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How come very expensive HD camcorder are low MP?

I was looking for an HD video recorder the other day, and I notice that VERY expensive ones are like. 2-4 MP while some of the cheap 200 dollar ones are 5MP.


Because camcorders designed for video are not designed for still pictures... and "megapixels"...

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What is HD camcorder with flesh, zoom and good lens for less than $250?

I want some good HD camcorder with 1080p video and at least 5 MP photo. Budget is limited, so it cannot be expensive. Thank you


I think you should go with Panasonic HDCTM15 16GB Full HD Camcorder * Image Sensor (Effective) - 1....

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What is a good HD camera / camcorder?

I'm looking for a good HD camera / camcorder. I'd prefer it to be inexpensive. But I do need it to have time lapse capabilities, and a pretty good MP. Image stabilization ...show more


Here are some good camcorder,available with excellent features and with good prices. http://www.123discountshop...

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Anyone have details on the *2.7" TFT 12.0 MP HD Digital Video Camcorder Camera DV* that sell on ebay?

I found this camcorder on ebay heres one of many sellers - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180506637944 - I know its a pretty much a no name brand asian knock off ...show more


if this is for home use its good, but not for professional

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