What is a good HD antenna?

Let’s learn what is a good HD antenna. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by hdtv-antenna-review.toptenreviews.com.

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The Best HDTV Antennas of 2016 | Top Ten Reviews

If you have an older TV, you may have to purchase a digital tuner converter box. The best HDTV antennas we reviewed are the Winegard Flatwave, ...


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Where can I find a good HDTV with built-in HD receiver? Also, what HD antenna to receive local HD 56 miles?

Don't want to pay the $10 extra monthly fee for the satellite compaines HD receiver so would like a built-in HD receiver. The local station towers are 56 miles away so I will need a good HD antenna.


All television manufactured after a certain date are required to have digital tuners. While these do...

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What's a good antenna for picking up broadcast digital and HD TV?

Assume the TV is top of the line and it already gets HD cable television. This would be an antenna for picking up network TV that was previously broadcast over analog waves.


I used to design antennas. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Pr... This is an inexpensive reliable antenna...

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What antenna should I get for my HD TV?

I have an HD TV and I get over-the-air HD through my current antenna. The problem is, every once in a while, I guess the signal is interrupted because the antenna I have right now is an old piece of crap and so the sound goes away and some of the visuals...


I can only agree with the other answer, very good info. If money doesn't matter, I would hire a pro...

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What HD antenna should i get?

I dont have cable so i had to get a converter box and antenna. problem is that my antenna doesnt work well and it freezes up often an some channels i cant pick up. What is a good hd antenna that works good? what do some of u guys have?


How to Make a Homemade HD Antenna http://www.ehow.com/how_5237940_make-homemade-hd-antenna.html

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What are the advantages of hooking up an OTA HD Antenna?

I have dish network SD package and upgraded my dish and dvr/ Receiver to HD. I bought the upgrade on amazon so I didn't have to sign another contract. Now I find out I have to pay extra for HD threw dish. Would It be worth it to install a HD antenna...


Hi, I do know that signing a 2 year contract is a very real issue for some. If you account was upgraded...

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How do i find out what HD channels I could get with an HD antenna?

I am thinking about picking one up. I currently have Direct tv with standard boxes and standard service. I recently bought an HD tv, but have not upgraded the boxes (waiting for a promotion) I've seen these HD antennas and know very little about them...


If your HDTV has a built-in digital tuner (QAM), you should be able to hook up the antennae to it (any...

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Is there any good indoor HD over the air antenna?

Does anyone know of a good indoor over the air HD antenna that will not loose the signal or freeze the picture especially when you get close to the antenna or walk around it? I have tried different brands and its all the same if you get near the signal...


I bought the $29 one at walmart some times it freezeze up , but i also plug it in but turn the power...

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I want to find a good HD antenna for my tv

I have cable for the internet and a basic cable package. I want to just keep my internet but get rid of the cable tv and go with an antenna package for HDTV. I have Roku and Tivo, now to tie this in with a cool antenna and associated hardware to save...


I live in a large city and with a $10 Radio Shack set of rabbit ears I get all of the OTA channels....

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WHAT?!! Does anybody else realize that antenna tv is in HD? Why am I paying $40 a month for an analog?

grainy, ancient cable signal when I can get HD for free with a 5 dollar unidirectional antenna (a steel straw)? Comcast is taking the HD signal from the airwaves and degrading it to ...show more


Glad you woke up. If you don't need the cable-only channels AND you can get reception with your antenna...

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