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Question regarding AV Reciever & HD DVD Player Connection?

Just recently bought an HD DVD player, still new to HD so still a little confused on all it has to offer. Currenty my reciever doesnt have any HDMI inputs, so I am simply running the HDMI Video output straight to the TV, and still using Optical audio...


Your only option today - if your player can decode the new formats! - is to use 5.1 (or 7.1) analog...

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Will direct tv hd reciever work if I switch card from regular reciever?

Ok so we bought a new tv. We have direct tv already but not in hd. Our problem is we cant pay the 100 dollars direct tv is asking to upgrade our reciever plus addtnl per month charges. I have a friend who has an extra HD reciever. The reason we want...


cards cannot be switched between 2 receivers at any time. especially being on 2 differant accounts....

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Can i add local HD channels to my Directv lineeup (without HD reciever) using my TV HD tuner?

I have a sony tv with HD tuner I can receive all local HD channels by connecting my antenna directly to the TV. My directv reciever is only DVR and cannot reciever HD channels ...show more


you cannot. you must have a direct tv hd receiver

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Connecting 2 tv's to 1 Hd directv reciever?

I'm trying to connect 2 hd tv's to 1 hd directv reciever. The 2nd tv is in another room, the 2nd tv is connected by hd component wires to the reciever so there is one open hdmi port on the reciever. There is no coax output on the directv box, I already...


I don't think you can find a 50 ft HDMI cable since I don't think an HDMI transmitter is spec'ed to...

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I have a hd tv and DVD player, and a Yamaha reciever that hd runs through. but i can;t get sound to comes out?

I have the HD out from the TV into the reciever, and HD cables out from the HD DVR, and DVD player into the reciever. But I can't get any sound from the surround sound speakers. I can watch TV through the reciever and hear sound from the Tv speakers...


You likely need audio in cables from the cable box to your receiver. Even might need audio out from...

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I have a dish network HD/DVR reciever. Can I run coax from that reciever and have a HD signal?

The reciever has TV1 and TV2 and outputs for each. TV1 is hooked up HDMI to a Samsung HDTV. TV2 is coax in the next room(Kitchen). I want the kitchen to have HD since it's a 20" vizio hdtv.


TV2 over Coax is ALWAYS SD. You need a second (HD) set-top box to get HD.

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Can my cable company's HD reciever act as a a/v reciever for my Dolby 5.1 sound?

Theoretically, can't I just hook up the 5 speakers to the HD reciever. I see alot of componet hook-ups besides the normal HD componets. I was figuring those must be for speakers. ...show more


there are usually not speaker hookups on the back of the cable company receivers. If there are 5 hookups...

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Whats the best hookup to use from hd dvd recorder to hd plasma?

hi i am wondering what would be the best way to hook up my hd 42" samsung plasma tv to my hd lg dvd recorder 5.1 cinema surround sound system.should i use the thick scart cable provided because i know i will get that lovely 5.1 channel surround...


It sounds like you are talking about an integrated surround system with a DVD recorder built in. If...

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How do I use Directv HD Reciever using another card?

Okay so I have 2 standard Directv recievers in my house. My uncle gave me an brand new HD Directv Reciever and it came with an unopened/unused card. Question is, Will I be able to use one of MY cards on this new HD reciever? Cause I'm not sure that if...


The card goes with the box. You must have BOTH the card and the box authorized by DirecTV for them to...

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Whats the difference beetween hd ready and hd ready digital?

I not very good on tvs and wondered whats the difference, digital HD ready are dearer than just HD ready, are the HD ready still good tvs? i dont know what the digital bit means.? Thanks


These would be the same. It's probably just a difference in the marketing terms used by the manufacturers...

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