What's a good site to upload my HD videos?

Let’s learn what's a good site to upload my HD videos. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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i know you said no youtube, but, u can upload vids in hd there now. but since ur probably uploading...

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Whats a good place to upload videos other then Youtube & Google?

Most of my videos are simple but creative lyrics videos. And I'd normally upload them to YouTube and watch the views grow. Well I'm really tired of YouTube removing my videos for stupid reasons. I told a few people that I was done with YouTube &...



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Ensure the file format is correct before uploading to youtube... Using windows movie maker -- you have...

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Whats the best site to upload videos?

my video is 6 minutes long and 612 mb, ive tried so many, and it either takes to long or ends up saying error..


Maybe you can compress that video and then try youtube, liveleak, metacafe (or metcafe)

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I have a hd camcorder but videos on youtube not hd yahoo?

So I have a camcorder and I record myself dancing. But when I upload it to youtube It's not HD unless I press the 1080p. But some videos I see are HD and i ask the people what they do and waht they told me is the same thing i do. I add music to my videos...


When you save it, save it HD, there should be a setting for that. I originally uploaded my videos as...

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Best way to upload videos from youtube to blog?

My main concern is website speed. what is the best way to upload youtube hosted videos on my site? currently I have a plugin and I just change the youtube vid link from http:// to httpv:// and delete the extra end portion of the URL. I just realized...


Why would you do it that way? YouTube videos are made for embedding. If you just click under the video...

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HD Video Streaming Sites That Supports Up To 30 Minutes Video Length?

Does anyone know a free HD Video Streaming Sites that supports up to 30 minutes video length? It doesn't matter if it's a divx site or flash, as long as it supports the said length. Youtube only supports up to 15 minutes for normal youtubers and needs...


It has been a long time since I have used it, but veoh used to allow very long videos. So that may be...

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Are these laptops good for an HD PVR?

Ok well Im buying an HD PVR for Christmas and a new laptop because my laptop right now does not have a dual core processor and is kinda slow.Well heres the specs for the HD PVR http://hauppauge.com/site/products/data_hdpvr.html Oh and im buying an external...


The HP Pavilion DV6-3127dx is a better unit you get the i3 and the Intel Graphics Card will do as they...

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I want to buy a hd pvr to record x box games but my computer is upstairs and my xbox is downstairs...?

I want to get a hd pvr to record x box videos more specifcally this one http://www.hauppauge.com/site/products/data_hdpvr.html, and it says it has to be hooked up to a computer but the problem is my computer is far away can it still record and if so...


You have to have your hd pvr connected to your pc but there are really long usb extenders to run from...

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Web site hosting?

I need free web site hosting that will give me unlimited uploads completely free in hopes to put all Charmed episodes in HD for free on the web for all the world to see. I need this to be free I have all the videos to upload I just need free web hosting...


Frankly, I don't think there is any free plans can offer unlimited BW (or 65G disk space). It's too...

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