What is a good HD camcorder for YouTube?

Let’s learn what is a good HD camcorder for YouTube. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by cnet.com.

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Best camcorder for HD broadcasting and YouTube video ...

CNET's Forum on camcorders is the best source for finding help, ... Best camcorder for HD broadcasting and YouTube ... entry-level professional camcorder with HD ...


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What is a good HD camcorder for youtube?

I am thinking about the Sanyo Xacti HD. I dont want to spend more than $180 for it. I like the style of the Xacti. Is there any better options for that price? And it would be mainly ...show more


i use flip video camera.

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HD Camcorder, Auto-Focus, Good Quality (For YouTube), under $350?

Hi, I make beauty videos on YouTube and my mini camcorder just isn't cutting anymore lol. I'm looking for a preferably HD camcorder (If not, really good quality), with Auto-Focus. Must have pretty good optical zoom. Digital doesn't matter. My have Digital...


http://simplevideoediting.com/learn/part… http://simplevideoediting.com/learn/part… Highest...

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Good HD camcorder for Youtube?

I currently use a Flip Ultra HD which sucks *** and I want a new camcorder. My budget is around 200 dollars. Don't suggest any cameras that suck. I hate stuff that sucks. My Youtube name: CKSpoiler


Hi, I found some good camcorder options for you. They are as given below: Kodak Zi8 0.29 GB Hard Drive...

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Is PANASONIC HDC-SD41 Full HD Camcorder good for making YouTube Videos?

Want a camcorder that easily transfers the videos to my Pc with the Usb cable. Is the Panasonic hoc sd41 good enough for making hd Videos?


Yes, it is! It creates fantastic video

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Good HD Camcorder for YouTube?

I am going to start doing unboxing and review of certain products and I will need a HD camcorder possibly a macro focus and it to be quite inexpensive [£70-£200]. Thanks


Getting a HD camcorder is taking a step backward in Video Quality. HD camcorders Interpolate the video...

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Is the Flip Ultra HD camcorder a good option for making youtube videos?

I've been told they are the best for quality & sound considering there low price compared to others such as the new Canon HD which is roughly $960. What so you guys think ?


i have it. it works great, but flipshare is kinda bleh? ya know. Just not enough features for editing...

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Almost any camera these days will 1]upload; and 2] shoot in HD. Your issue is going to be lines on the...

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I have a hd camcorder but videos on youtube not hd yahoo?

So I have a camcorder and I record myself dancing. But when I upload it to youtube It's not HD unless I press the 1080p. But some videos I see are HD and i ask the people what they do and waht they told me is the same thing i do. I add music to my videos...


When you save it, save it HD, there should be a setting for that. I originally uploaded my videos as...

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Will I have to convert a Video that was taken on a HD, 12MP Camcorder, before I put it on YouTube?

For an English Project. I recorded a video on a HD, 12MP Camcorder. And now I am currently trying to put it on Youtube. But my Dad said I might have to convert it to a lower quality before I put it on Youtube because some people might not be able to...


Not necessary to reduce the video Quality, all your viewers have options to view your video in 360p...

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