What is a good amp for my two 10 inch pioneer?

Let’s learn what is a good amp for my two 10 inch pioneer. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by answers.yahoo.com.

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what is a good amp for my two 10 inch pioneer? | Yahoo Answers

What is a good amp for my two 10 inch pioneer? ... I have two Pioneer TSW258D2 and i need a good and powerful but inexpensive amp that is 2 channel and can ...


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I have two 10 inch subs that are 300 rms each and a 4 channel 250 watt pioneer amp will this work?

If not what is the smallest watt amp thats good quality for a fair price? Thanks


Two 10 inch subs? Better share, because eating too much can make you sick.

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Could i use 10 gauge rockford fosgate wireng kit to wire my 2400 watt amp to my two 12 inch pioneer subs?

the amp will be turned down since the subs are only 1000watts each, but will that 10gauge wire wwork?


For speaker wire, 12 AWG is the biggest you'd ever need to go. For power, 10 AWG is way too small and...

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anything well do their just pionner

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A Boss Phantom 4-Channel Mosfet Bridgeable Power Amplifier, 1000 W ($149.00) and two Pioneer 10"...

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What's a good amp for 2 Pioneer TS-W2502D2?

I have 2 Pioneer TS-W2502D2 10 inch. They are 3000 watts max and 800 watts RMS. They are 2 Ohms I believe. I had two kenwood subs but recently blew them out so I bought these pioneers but my weak amp cant handle it. So I'm looking for a good amp that...


I looked and looked but if you want a reliable amp your gonna have to get this amps(its the strongest...

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Will my pioneer 800w amp be able to power this?

okay so i have a pioneer gm-7100m amp (mono) http://ampguts.realmofexcursion.com/Pioneer_GM-7100M/ i need to know if i will be able to power two 10 inch alpine s type subs in a bassworx box. http://www.abt.com/product/16860/Alpine-SWS1022D.html i also...


for the door speakers you will need a 4 channel amp. mono blocks or 2 channels are for subs

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4 -10 inch pioneer sub woofers?

front 6 by 9 speakers - pioneer rear 4 by 6 speakers - pioneer Pioneer - tweeters and two decent amps my question is, can one amp support 4- 10 inch sub woofers and will it pound hard?


i assume these subs are 4 ohm subs? if so you will need an amp that is 1 ohm stable. try MTX or rockford...

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What amplifier do i need for my two 10's?

i will have to get 2 10's for my truck cause of no room but anyways i want them to hit as hard as possible... i wanted 12s but wont fit but anyways im looking at buying two 10 inch KickerVR aluminized with like the zx 750 amp but i dont know about mono...


K Just becaus somebody has 12 does not mean they will hit harder 2 chanel means how many speaker outs...

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Can I run a mono block amp to my two 10 inch subs and also have another amp-2 channel powering my speakers?

I have a 2 channel amp powering my 2 10 inch JL subs and I am planning on buying new speakers for my car, but my amp is not good enough to power my subs and my speakers so I am wondering if buying a monoblock amp for my subs along with new speakers and...


It is a good upgrade. Don't hesitate to do that. You logic is good. More powerful monoblock for subs...

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