What is a good backpack to use backpacking?

Let’s learn what is a good backpack to use backpacking. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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You want two backpacks: 1] daypack; 2] overnight backpack. Columbia Mobex XL, $89. Go Lite Terrono ...

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Backpacking across europe. what kind of backpack should I use?

should I use one with wheels that I can roll around or one with just straps. What brands are good? I am a petite female so I don't want to carry too much weight and be miserable. previous experiences would be nice to hear about. thanks.


depends, are you planning to take it all around with you or leave it in your room or even in a train...

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I would think so, depending on what all you intend to carry. In fact, I usually manage to pack for a...

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Help me prepare for a month backpacking in Europe

Please help me plan a month long backpacking trip through Europe. I've never done this sort of this before for this long and I need even the most basic tips as regards travel of this nature. I need specific advice and general tips regarding traveling...


I recommend Couchsurfing over hostels, because you'll meet locals. The best hostels I've stayed in have...

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Backpacking through Europe: Luggage Question?

I'm planning on backpacking through Europe for a few weeks next Spring AFTER I have spent a semester studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria. I'm wondering what luggage I should bring with me to Europe, so that I could easily go "backpacking"...


Surely you can find a place to store your excess when it's time to go backpacking. Don't try to haul...

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Opinion needed for backpack!!?

I am looking for a really good backpack for college books and also one that I can take with me backpacking in Europe. I need something good for my back but also spacious and easier to conceal my items. I don't mind spending the money on a backpack that...


I hear that for backpacking you want a smaller rather than larger backpack. Often times you don't need...

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What would be the approximate costs for backpacking across Europe?

I'm in my senior year of high school and I'm 18. I'm planning to go to junior college in the next fall for one semester, and then heading off to backpack across Europe from February/March until my money runs out (hopefully I can last the entire summer...


Dear Yami: I backpacked around Europe for 2 weeks in spring '07 and spent something like $2,000, not...

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Flying with a Loaded Backpacking (Wilderness Backpacking Backpack)

On August 23rd, I am flying to Fairbanks, Alaska for a week long camping/hiking trip in Denali National Park and would like to not have to check any items if possible. We (three males and one female - all in our mid-to-late 30's) are not actually backpacking...


I definitely would bring a canvas backpack sack just to be on the safe side if you are forced to check...

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I have Carmex in my backpack what would you use it for if you were stranded on an island?

For an English Project we have to do a backpack survival guide. The question say's if you were stranded on a ISLAND and only had your backpack, how would you use the items in your backpack. I have Carmex in my backpack but the only way i can thinks of...


Are you kidding? If you were stranded on an island, especially if it is blazing hot, you'd be glad you...

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A backpacking backpack for laptops?

I want the benefits of a backpacking backpack with the benefits of a laptop backpack. Shoulder and waist straps, tall and able to fit lots of stuff, but with a laptop sleeve or something that would make it easy to take my laptop out and put it back in...


Almost all modern backpacking backpacks are going to have a sleeve for a hydration bladder that will...

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