What is a good camcorder that has AV IN capabilities?

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You can buy Canon VIXIA HV40 HD HDV Camcorder * HDV format delivers high-definition video to miniDV...

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Can an AV port on a camcorder support input audio from an external mic?

I'm not familiar with cameras and their terminology/capabilities, but I just want to find out of the AV port on my camcorder will support input audio. I bought an external mic a while back, and sent it back because it appeared to not be working. Now...


No. The camera has to have a mic input. The AV port on your camera is an output,not an input.

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Is my camcorder an AV in?

I was wondering if my camcorder is an AV in. My camcorder is a Samsung Varioplan or something. I look on the side of it and it has an arrow pointing down at AV. I didn't know if that meant it was AV in. But can someone tell me if my camcorder is an AV...


There are not many cameras that have AV in, most are for connecting to an external device, such as a...

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How to set AV in for my Samsung Camcorder?

Hi there, i'm trying to get my samsung Camcorder to be able to view AV In, i need this because i have connected my TV up, and i have an RC cable to plug into the camcorder to view the TV, and record gameplay off my ps3, all i need to do now, is to set...


AV in? according to the specs, this model does not have AV input.

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JVC Everio camcorder GZ-MG27U AV-IN mode setting?

I want to record the shows on my tv so i figure to use my old camcorder i plug the AV cable from the output to the camcorder but i dont know how to switch to AV-IN mode please help?


Read the manual: http://resources.jvc.com/Resources/00/00… There are no instructions in the manual...

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Why cant I record thru the av jacks from my camcorder to the VCR connected to the AV IN points?

Iwant to transfer the video from my camcorder to a VHS tape but somehow nothing gets transferred am i doing something wrong here.


Are you on the correct input/channel so that the VCR knows what it is recording. You have to set that...

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Camcorder with AV in?

Hi guys, recently bought a bullet camera to mount on my helmet. Is there any AV recorders (ie camcorder or something with a screen) i can use to record video with through my bullet cam? most camcorders only have AV out


Sony made a number of video walkman models. be prepared to pay at least $500 used to get one.

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If you have a Camcorder with an AV Output, can you record Xbox 360 Gameplay with it?

I'm not sure if an AV Output would work, because I've heard that only an AV Input would work.


I don't think you can, I've tried it :-( but i am not sure, it may work for you :-)

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Does my camcorder have the hav av in to record console gameplay?

also, could i plug the av in into the av out in the back of my tv?


Camcorder AVI ports are one way, and that is out. Want to record your game play, hook your Game machine...

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Camcorder with AV Input?

I want to get a camcorder with an AV Input My Max is 300 dollors please help me


Your best bet is the Canon 960. I have used the older brother of this camera and produced professional...

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