What is a good camcorder to buy if you have a Mac?

Let’s learn what is a good camcorder to buy if you have a Mac. The most accurate or helpful solution is served by Yahoo! Answers.

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I want to buy a camcorder that is compatible with mac?

I just had my son and want to record a whole bunch of stuff, but dont have a camera. I am researching what is the best bang for the buck and making sure it is compatible with mac. ...show more


Any camcorder that has a Firewire, i.Link, IEEE 1394, or DV port will connect to any current Mac computer...

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What Camcorder should I buy for a Mac?

I want to buy a relatively inexpensive video camcorder ($100-500) with video stabilization that is compatible with my mac. Should I get one with dvd, memory, or HDD media type? Suggestions on which cameras?


Canon FS200 32GB Flash Memory Camcorder - Misty Silver $269.00 I recommend this one,the only thing i...

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What is the best compact camcorder i can buy that will be easy to edit with a mac and do a documentary on?

I'm looking to do a documentary and i have a budget but i'm looking for a fairly inexpensive camcorder (under 1000) that is small that i can take with me to shoot a quality documentary and that would be easy to edit with a MAC.


I would suggest Canon VIXIA HF S100 HD Flash Memory Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom

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What is the BEST full HD camcorder / camera to buy for any NEW Apple Mac?

I create instructional DVDs for people who are working with very small things like watches or jewelry, and I'm looking to upgrade to High Definition finally. My current video camera works great, has a 3CCD sensor, great lens, etc. for the price I paid...


I swear by the JVC range of cameras, I have a Sony,a Panasonic, & a JVC & the JVC beats them...

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I need to buy a device and not a download i think to transfer my mini dvd's from my camcorder to my Mac..?

I've asked this question before and everyone keeps sending me sights to download a program. These are MINI DVD's. Do I need a plug in that goes from the DVD player to my Mac? Do I need an external device of some kind that i put the DVD into and then...


You did not tell us which Mac... The MacPro Tower (and other older towers) uses drawer loading optical...

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Mac user looking for best high def camcorder for the $ and best place to buy it.?

I am not a pro but want to grow in my video editing. Don't want to over buy or under buy in features and quality. Any advice??


Macworld.com http://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Ama… MacLife.com http://www.google.com/search...

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Want to buy Camcorder for a mac, numerous questions. quite clueless thank you!?

Do I need a recorder with firewire? Or just a usb connection? I am leaning toward a recorder that is hard drive based. The one thing I don't like about that is having to burn a dvd on my computer to watch things (correct?) I have Imovie, does getting...


You did not tell us which Mac, which operating system version or which version of iMovie you are using...

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I want to buy a Canon camcorder that will work with my Mac/iMovie 09.?

What is the difference between DVD, Memory, and HDD? Which one do you think is the best and why? Thank you! BTW, I am new to Yahoo! Answers, so I don't really know how to use it...lol.


Though you would have had some answers by now anyway: your three choices in order (I will add one of...

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What type of Camcorder is better Tape or digital?

I am looking to buy another camcorder but I was wondering what is better tape or digital like a hard drive or memory card for a digital camcorder. I currently own a Sony Handycam DCR-SR47 and it can be grainy and a bit fuzzy sometimes. My Samsung Galaxy...


There are not many analog camcorders out there - new. Generally, the flash memory hard disc drive consumer...

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I need a good quality camcorder thats mac compatible?

I make movies and put them on youtube. I want to buy a good quality camera maybe even hd and my limit is about $250. Im a mac user so it must e mac compatible. I have a great camcorder. But its a 2007 sony ad it doesnt work with my mac. So i need to...


My curiosity is at the root of the quesiton - WHICH Sony camera do you have that's not compatible? There...

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